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1/48 Miles M.14 Magister

First, some background on the 1:1 Magister: The Miles Magister (nicknamed "Maggie") was designed to meet an Air Ministry requirement for a primary trainer. There are several firsts associated with the Magister: It was the first [...]

Australian Flying Corps Sopwith Pup – 1/48 Flashback (ex Eduard)

Hi all, This kit is one of the old Eduard molds, re released by Flashback and frankly a pretty rough kit. If you are up for a little challenge, see if you can find one and see how you go! I made quite a few modifications because so many [...]

Flashback 1/48 Miles Magister I

The Airplane: What became known as the Miles Magister was first flown on March 20, 1937, as the Miles Hawk Trainer III, designed and built in response to the Air Ministry Specification 40/36, which was developed on the basis of experience [...]