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A real Squirt: Saunders Roe SR.A-1 takes off!

Like any aircraft design, the unusual Saunders Roe SR. A-1 is a compromise of various prerequisites and technical conditions on the one hand and ideas and conceptions on the other. Rarely, however, does this compromise result in such an [...]

A most unusual sight: Saunders Roe SR. A-1 flying boat fighter

My first reaction to the film footage of an SRA-1 in flight can be summarised as: "what an elegant and impressively agile aircraft this flying boat was! This impression surprised me myself, because when one sees this machine in still [...]

OtVinta! 1/48 Shavrov Sh-2 (Ш-2)new model!

Hello everyone! I would like to present a new model - the first Soviet serial flying boat designed by Shavrov Sh-2. The model is made of polyurethane resin, 115 parts (approx.), Decal for 8 options. The set includes bonuses - a pilot [...]

Finemolds Savoia S.21F & Curtiss R3C-0, 1/48. The Porco Rosso Pair.

The Savoia S.21F and Curtiss R3C-0 were two models I completed at the end of the first UK lockdown last year and shine brightly against the normal camouflaged warbird I make, both aircraft come from the brilliant animated movie 'Porco [...]

1/72 Modelsvit Beriev Be-12PS

This is the Modelsvit Beriev Be-12PS built straight from the box with one of the decal options that come with it. It is not an easy build, as any Modelsvit large plane is. However the subject for me is a very interesting aircraft, that [...]

Bv 138 Revell 1/72

Hi all, here you have the Revell 1/72 Bv138. I have to say that it is one of my favourites aircraft. In many aspects is so strange but at the same time unique. I bought this kit on eBay to a french guy as this model is out of stock and I [...]

Dornier Do 26, Amodel 1/72

The Dornier Do 26 was a mail & passenger flying boat produced before WWII by Dornier Flugzeugwerk. It was operated by a crew of four and was intended for the Lisbon to New York route. This is the Amodel 1/72 kit released in 2014. The [...]