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Almost Done!

February 23, 2020 · in Aviation · · 10 · 2.4K
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  1. Five Years and nothing Finished!!
  2. Almost Done!

I can't believe that I posted pictures in August of last year telling how I was hoping to finish my first model in five years. Well I am so excited to be getting close to finishing, and I thought I would post last in progress pics. I know it won't be a show winner, but I am happy with just finally finishing it. More and more this is becoming the solitude, that it once was. I just have fidely bits to put on and in general am please with how it is turning out. My skills are rusty but I think its like riding a bike and once I start doing more I will be fine. Anyways, here are final in progress and I will post a few when done.

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  1. Looking fab, including the base! Well done and welcome back in the hobbyroom!

  2. It’s a winner alright, because it got your mojo back up and it gave you a thrill building it 🙂 looks very nice from here and hope to see more pics when it’s completed please

  3. One of the most advanced aircraft of its time. Nice job. Rusty ? Hardly !

  4. Wow - very sharp! Great skills on display - can't want to see it finished.

  5. You should put it next to a can of coke so we can tell how big it is!

  6. As a decorated USAF veteran I can say that there’s not a whole lot for you to learn about building models. It was a stupid move for you to stop.

    I think this model is pretty, very pretty. Was getting back into model building not as bad as you thought it would be? Right now I’m building a gym for a church.

    I wasted five years on the internet getting taken advantage of in every way. When I was in WA I met a girl named Amanda James and I sent her a ton of Dale Ernehardt model cars I built and three years later my sister, Beth, figured out she wasn’t real. You could have taken me outside and executed me right there.

    • Lorne, I didn't stop by choice, Life just sometimes gets in the way of doing things you enjoy when you have to handle those things that just have to be done. As to was getting back into it hard, not at all! I just need to fine tune those rusty skills again. Model building is a very calming and enjoyable activity for me. As it turns out I am at a point where I really need to model to help me relax and do something I enjoy. I am sorry to hear about the loss of your model cars, I understand how you feel about that. I guess now maybe time for you to fill in those empty spaces on the shelf with something new. I hope you enjoy your building time as much as I do mine!

      • Thank you Walt. I know all to well about how life can change. I moved from Washington State to Nashville and was mainly interested in building models of Lulls. Some changes happened that caused me to move back to Cambridge. Many people think of Cambridge as being in Massachusetts and it automatically makes them think of the Red Sox but there is also a Cambridge in Maine and I don't even watch baseball, although sometimes I do wear a Boston cap.

        Thank you for your sympathy about the cars. I am working on a Dodge pickup truck now. It is going to be white with grey on the bottom and I'm scratch building a Pontiac Aztek because there is not a kit available.

        I think I'm going to make that one in a metallic gold for my friend Jim. Ideally, I would like to replicate his car down to putting the air in the tires. Not sure if there are aircraft tires like that, maybe you could point me in the right direction.

        Jim is a good friend and spent many years as a musician in the Ohio area. He has some great stories about those days but now his health is deteriorating and the Aztek is to cheer him up because he no longer drives and needs dialysis. He actually did webpages for University of Cincy's online learning program and that was really part of what he did and his business.

        Keep on doing your thing. I may ping you for some tips at some point. Keep in touch!

        Your friend,

        Lorne Lynn Armstrong

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