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Gallery UH-34 US Navy Rescue

January 29, 2018 · in Aviation · · 26 · 2.9K

I built this a couple of years ago and hesitated to post it because of that very reason. However, it was one of my favorite builds, so I thought I would share it with you guys. I hope I’m not violating some rule by posting a past project.

I added some wiring to the cabin, built some items for the cockpit and threw in some external piping for added realism. Little deficiencies were remedied by adding some scratched details. The engine was a nice kit in itself so I decided to add some detail and show it off.

Gallery provided PE sets so I took advantage and removed the molded screens around the kit. I think it was worth the extra effort. I also used Scalewarship’s rotorfold set. It comes with some 3D printed hinges that are simply great.

Thanks for looking.

Gary Wiley

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  1. Thats incredible! your article for some reason doesn't show who you are, however the details are amazing. The finish and subtle weathering is spot on. Your good in displaying past builds as I have shown models that I built well over 20 years ago. So the sky is the limit. So if you have any more to show please do so. Any way hopefully the mods can let you edit your article to show your name. Thanks for sharing it.
    Fly Navy

  2. Your Gary, found a previous article of your Albatross. Good work

  3. Gary, any aircraft that well done - no matter when built - deserves recognition here.


  4. Amazing work Gary, overall your UH-34 is of the highest standard, both the build and the painting. Masterclass

  5. Yeah...what they said...outstanding build, sir.

  6. That's an excellent build! The detail work you put into it really stands out. Well done!

  7. Gary, I can see why it's a favourite of yours. I'd be delighted to get a build as clean and 'real' as this. I especially love your painting skills; sharp and defined with areal sense of presence.
    Brilliant job.

  8. Thank you guys for all the nice comments.

  9. That's really excellent. Inspirational. I have a Marine UH-34 and this makes me consider pulling it out. The Gallery kit seems excellent.

    • Tom, I recommend pulling it out. It's a great kit. I really enjoyed the whole build process. Good fit etc. Especially the inner cabin to the fuselage. Very tight.

  10. Wow! A great build!

  11. Nice work Gary, place a back ground behind it and you would think it was the real McCoy

  12. Wow, Gary, you knocked this one out of the park! Incredible work, and your finish and weathering are incredibly realistic. I have this kit in the stash, but you have set the bar really high now! I'd love to fold the rotors on my kit, too - where did you get it? And does it include the rotor braces?

  13. I don't think there's any rule about posting previous builds here on iModeler, one of the many reasons why it's the best site around. I'm so glad to post it anyway, there's so much to look at and admire, no wonder it's your favourite.

  14. Hi Gary, that's a fab build! When scratch building extra detail on an engine like you did here, you realize how happy you can be to build a kit that has it all inside already... Amazing work! Kudos.

  15. Hello Gary,

    Very impressed with this Sikorsky build.

    Attractive color scheme. I can still remember the loud noise inside, being transported. I always had the idea that everybody, including crew, was very re leaved when the wheels touched the deck. The Dutch Navy lost a few in the drink. Fortunately most got out of them.

    The shape of the helicopter, just like the Wessex always made a great impression on me. They do not make them so nice anymore.

    Thanks Gary for this great model.

    Regards, Dirk

    • Dirk, while I haven't flown on one of these I have on the SH-3 and I concur... the noise, the spartan interior, and of course the relief of a safe landing. Thanks for the reminder. 🙂

  16. Thanks again guys. I am humbled by the kind comments.

  17. Excellent work Gary !

    When I was a kid, there was a man named Harry Doan who owned a helicopter service in a nearby town. He operated H-34's on a regular basis as a heavy lifting cargo helicopter service.

    On occasion I had the opportunity to see them start up and take off from his yard. The R2800 was something to hear when combined with the rotor blade sounds... He also had a spare parts collection of numerous H-34 helo's for parts. The whole back fence of his lot was lined with them...

    You build brought back some wonderful memories for me... It definitely looks the part.

    Well done Sir !

  18. So glad you shared this, love Helo's and of course anything with NAVY on the side I am a fan of well done!

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