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Honda RA272 Formula One Racer

December 17, 2014 · in Automotive · · 37 · 2.7K

This is another kit, this time their scale RA272 F1 racing car from 1965. If you'd like to see something of the build please have a look at this link to the Automotive Group - The jeading picture shows the model in front of a video of the Honda engineers starting the car so that the audience can hear the exhaust note of the V-12 engine.

The 1965 Mexican GP was not just the last race of the season, but was also the last F1 race using normally aspirated 1.5 litre engines. The car that won this important event was Honda's competitive RA272, driven by American Richie Ginther. Honda was the first Japanese manufacturer to oompete in F1 and this was their first victory since the 1964 German gP. Honda competed in 1964 with their RA271 car, driven by young American Ronnie Bucknum. Only occasionally showing its potential, Honda deeeloped a more integrated car. Following the 1964 season, Honda thoroughly improved the machine and redesignated it the RA272. Its high tech and powerful, transversely mounted V-12 engine was said to develop an amazing 220 plug horsepower, although it was a little heavier than most of its competitors. Richie Ginther joined the team in further refining the car. He gained 6th place in the Belgian and Dutch races, and finally won the Mexican victory on 24th October 1965, taking the lead just after the start, Ginther's RA272 recorded a perfect win, without yielding the top position throughout the race. Team mate Bucknum also earned 5th place, adding to Honda's racing laurels.

This is quite an old Tamiya kit, and has been re-issued a couple of times. I sprayed it with Tamiya's racing white, a sort of ivory colour. The only real modification I made was to drill out the ends of the exhaust pipes, just visible in a couple of the pictures. Thanks for looking, George.

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  1. Sharp George. Quite different than the land locked (most of the time) space ships of F1 today.
    Very nice.

  2. I like the visual effect you got with your computer. Super job on the model as well.

  3. Nice job on the Honda George. This was my first F1 and Tamiya kit I ever built, and it is a gem! I just kept asking myself "How big would a piston be in a 1.5L 12 cylinder?"! I like the fact that their engine was something besides silver, and the rear panel could be removed. (Weren't they actually clear pieces? It's been a while and I can't remember.)

  4. Ouah really good car ! great job with this kit...

  5. Good job, George. Main photo is excellent.

  6. Very nice work George, well done mate.

  7. Lovely job done there George.
    With your usual skills it looks very sweet indeed.
    Well done mate.

  8. Boy, that sure brings back some memories when I couldn't get enough of those Tamiya 1:20th scale offerings….all were fun to build.

  9. An absolute stunner! Well done!

  10. Your racers are always a joy to look at ! Congratulations to this one 🙂

  11. As usual very nice work, George. Did you ever mess with slot cars in the 1960's? This car reminds me of the formula cars we used to race on our home slot racing tracks (usually Lotus Ford's).

    • I wasted some of my youth, and also some of my older years with slot cars, although we tended to favour sports cars rather than F1 but they were great fun. Some of the latest offerings look too good to race though.

  12. love them when they looked like that...thank's for the flashback

  13. Nicely done, George. I've never done a car, but your model of that great little machine has succeeded in pointing me in that direction.

  14. Cool model mate! Very different to the F1 cars of today. What was the top speed of these things?

  15. George, a great model of a very special race car. Just beautiful!
    California Steve

  16. Oh wow George, that's so cool man. I remember when those racers first appeared, "hey, it's a Honda race car!?!" To my friends and I, Honda's were Trail 50s, lol! I always loved how Honda used the red meatball on these cars. That's a really great model car George, thanks for the memories and thanks for sharing this!

  17. Hey, Gary, glad you enjoyed it, and thanks for your comments. It's great news that Honda are returning to F1 next year with their old partner McLaren.

  18. Sorry, George, don't know how I missed this. I love it ! My favorite era in F-1. I don't know where I was when they were issued, but I sure missed out. You did a wonderful job on this beauty. Hope to see a lot more.

  19. I remember well Richie Ginther with this white and rising sun F1. The ivory white works well. A beautifilly realized model, I imagine that it was so funny to build as pleasant to contemplate.

  20. Very nice Honda George, I'd love to build one of these too - really cool looking car, you did a great job on it.

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