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Tamiya 1/35 Jagdpanther

Tamiya Jagdpanther tank destroyer in 1/35. Pretty much mandatory kit for German armor guys, and the coolest WW2 TD in my humble opinion. Airbrushed the “big stripe” Camo freehand using Tamiya paints. Weathering was done with Vallejo [...]


Mentioned here a number of times that I love building TD's, think I've done four-in-a-row over the last couple of years. I try something new with each build, and for this one, it was the figures - I have always been 'low average' when it [...]

Tamiya 1:48 Jagdpanther Late Version

This is part of a long term project of mine to build iconic fighting vehicles in the three most common scales; 72, 48 and 35. This kit fills the 48th scale slot for the Jagdpanther having previously built a 1/72 Dragon Jagdpanther and the [...]

Tamiya 1/48 Jagdpanther

From January 2006: History: Considered the best heavy anti-tank AFV produced during the Second World War, the SdKfz 173 Jagdpanther designed to overcome the limitations of the earlier Nashorn and Ferdinand anti-tank vehicles. Based on the [...]

Meng Jagdpanther Ausf. G1 in 1/35 scale

Hi guys, Here is my Meng Jagdpanther Ausf. G1 in 1/35 scale. Built is almost out of the box, except Aber metal barrel and a few resin stowage parts. colors by Tamiya and Ammo-Mig, Weathering effects by Ammo-Mig and AK. Have a great day!

Review: RFM 1/35 Jagpanther G2 review

Jagdpanther Tamiya

A simple,fast building 1/35 kit,with a forest camo...hope you like it.

Battle of the Bulge Diorama 1/35

Hi iModelers! Today i want to show you my latest build, i‘ve been working on the last two months! It‘s a scene from the latest great german offensive in the ardennes region in december 1944 (also known as „the battle of the bulge)! [...]

Review: iModeler Review – Meng 1/35 Jagdpanther Ausf. G1

After its announcement last year, Meng finally released their new Jagdpanther in 35th scale. The subject choice does not come as a huge surprise, seeing as the last new tooling of this vehicle is Dragon’s 2007 kit – and Meng has [...]

1/48 Tamiya Jagdpanther

Most recent armor build. Still too clean, I KNOW... I did try to mud it up a bit using a couple of splatter techniques, but it still lacks the grunge. Ah, well, I think the camo job turned out OK. RB & Master Barrels, Hauler P-E, [...]