Battle of the Bulge Diorama 1/35

Hi iModelers!

Today i want to show you my latest build, i‘ve been working on the last two months! It‘s a scene from the latest great german offensive in the ardennes region in december 1944 (also known as „the )!

The idea behind the dio is that the germans take a little break on a village entrance after a heavy fight in the area!

The complete diorama is made out of plaster and balsa wood (if someone is interessted in how i build the house i could make a tutorial here on imodeler?!) the snow is pva glue mixed with baking soda and acrylic color! The whole dio is painted with acrylic colors!

Now to the model, its the g1 in a more or less late version (i‘m not a rivet counter ;), the only upgrade i do are friul tracks! The whole model is colored with ak real colors and vallejo acrylics, weathered the same way as i always do!

The figures are from and Tamiya! I want to show different camo shemes of the germans, so there is a little verarity on the figures!

All in all a very nice project, which brings me a lot of new techniques and experience in building dioramas! May not perfect but i‘m very happy with the result, i hope you guys enjoy it!

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  1. Amazing diorama.
    Now I'm embraced for my dioramas 🙁
    Keep up the good work!

  2. Outstanding workmanship, sir...really nice job!

  3. Truly remarkable.

  4. Patrick, A lot of work went into this one and well worth the efforts. Very nice indeed!

  5. Hi, Patrick. A lovely piece of work and I can see how much effort went into this. I, for one, would like you to post a tutorial on the house building; particularly the burned wood (did you actually burn the balsa?).

    Very impressive work.

  6. you have a fertile brain...sweet

  7. Amazing Diorama: suuuuch a lot of details! So much to explore for the eyes. This black/white picture really kicks! I want more of these. Congratulations!

  8. A great-looking dio! Very realistic. Nice work on the figures also.

  9. I feel cold just looking at the pictures! This is a really excellent diorama. It really looks like the depths of winter.

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