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Chinese Civil War/Korean War...1/48 Lavochkin La-11 "Fang", Chinese People’s Volunteer Air Force

After the USN Skyraider, this is my dad´s second Korean War build this year. Hobby Boss kit, painted with a mix of Gunze H307 FS36320 Gray and H334 Barley Gray BS4800. Horizontal antenna wires with EZ Line, vertical one with fishing [...]

Korean War...1/48 Douglas AD-4NA Skyraider, VF-194, US Navy

After the French Skyraider, my dad decided to build another one, this time an AD-4NA during the Korean War. He used the Italeri boxing of the old ESCI kit which was first released in 1979. Most Korean War naval schemes are rather boring, [...]

Lockheed F-80C Shooting Star Airfix 1/72

This is Airfix Kit 02043-3 Lockheed F-80C Shooting Star belonging to the 25th Fighter Squadron (Fall 1951) another build for the ‘Korea : The Forgotten War……’ GB. This kit was finished in about a week. I had the kit for a LONG [...]

Supermarine Seafire FR47 Airfix 1/48

This is Airfix Kit 07106 Supermiarine Seafire FR47 built as part of the 'Korea : The Forgotten War……' GB. Thanks to the GB as I would have built this kit later than sooner. Very nice kit with impressive fit and detail. Biggest issues [...]

Douglas C-47 Skytrain, Royal Hellenic Air Force Korean Detachment (ΕΚ.Σ.Ε.), Airfix, 1/72

Hi everyone! This is my Royal Hellenic Air Force C-47, s/n 92630, named "ΑΡΗΣ"-"MARS", built through the "Korea : The Forgotten War……….." Group Build. It was at this scheme that [...]