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Supermarine Seafire FR47 Airfix 1/48

This is Kit 07106 Supermiarine built as part of the 'Korea : The Forgotten War……' GB. Thanks to the GB as I would have built this kit later than sooner.
Very nice kit with impressive fit and detail.
Biggest issues were the translucent white decals which needed a white base and the infamous canopy which just did not sit correctly but did work out in the end.
Decals worked out ok by using some warm water and Micro Set/Sol system.
Tried out a little photo experiment which sorta worked. I need to fit a way to make the prop blurry so it appears to be spinning.

To follow the build and to get some historical back ground follow the link:

Thanks for viewing!

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  1. George, @georgeswork
    This is magnificent ! It looks VERY nice...I really enjoyed watching your Spitfire as it progressed through the various stages in your build journal. Thank you for participating in our Korean War group build. I have one of these exact same kits that I had started for the 100 Years of the RAF group build. Sadly I didn't finish it in time. On mine, I had planed to build it with the wings folded.

    Having seen how elegant it looks once completed as you have done, I am now having second thoughts about folding the wings. There's still plenty of time left for building in the Korean War group. So if you have any other kits that will fit in, please don't hesitate to start another one.

    Well done my friend, and I pressed the "liked" button too.

    • Thanks Louis @lgardner,

      Being part of the GB was a big motivation - I have too many kits to count but choosing a build from the Korean Conflict helped narrow it down.

      As the build progressed I wasn't only impressed with the kit but also with the Griffon Spitfire, never really appreciating their sleek design before. I don't think I've built anything past the Mk. V series before but I definitely will build more Griffons in the future.

      Thanks again for initiating the GB.

  2. It was a pleasure to see this one being built in the Korean War group. Thank you for sharing.
    Well done!

  3. This is a wonderful result, George @georgeswork!.
    And a what a nice scheme!
    Suits the Spit/Seafire a lot!
    Nice pics, the best one (for me) is the one you took outdoors: makes the Spit/Sea looking even more dramatic.
    Having followed your thread, I enjoyed it a lot!
    Well done!

    • Thanks Spiros @fiveten, glad you liked the build.
      The outdoor shot really brings out the true colour of the paint - totally different from the inside fluorescent lightning. I was trying to getting a low 'fly over' shot but the cloudy day did not provide enough light - I'll try it again when the sun is shining a bit more.

  4. Nice work! I built one of those some time ago and wasn’t happy with it. Operator error, my fault. Yours turned out great and make me want to try another.

  5. Great job, it does look good in this scheme!

    • Thanks for the compliment Robert @roofrat,
      Looks good and it wasn't that difficult of a paint scheme. Big difference when using good quality makings and having a sharp Xacto blade! The Tamiya paints came through once again.

  6. Very nice! Looks great.

  7. Yeah, I liked watching this, and the result is excellent.

    • Thanks Tom @tcinla,
      Info from your 2015 MM build greatly helped with building the solid wing. I had a few worries of how the full wing hold stay intact for the build - the internal tabs did the trick with no cracking throughout the build. And... the wing tanks and single rocket pylon is a great look!
      Also, great historic background of an important squadron and the contributions they made so early in the conflict.

  8. Very nice build of the last of the breed George!

    • Thanks Jaime @jetmex,
      I read that the Spitfire Mk XXII / Seafire FR47 was the last of the line before things transitioned over to the Spiteful/Seafang line - but what a swan song, this bird is a very elegant design and making the kit helped me appreciate it even more.

  9. Excellent example of the last of the Spitfires.

  10. Really cool looking Spit. Great model.

    Does anyone know if the contra-props caused any issues on this bird?

    • Thank you Doug @eydugstr,
      I’m not an expert on the subject, but I have read that certain aircraft had issues during take-off due to the high engine torque.
      I would thing that having counter-rotating props would cancel out any torque issues and make take-offs less dangerous – especially on a carrier.
      Any one else have info on the query?

  11. George:
    Beautiful job. I thought I'd help you out on the prop blur. Used an old version of Photoshop (7.0). Masked each prop blade individually and used a filter called "radial blur". You can set the radiating point which I set at the hub for each blade. I'm sure other photo-editing programs must have a similar feature.

    Keep up the good work

    1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

  12. That's a nice looking Seafire, George.
    I do like the idea of putting a white base prior to the white decals.

  13. Thanks John @JohnB,
    First time I tried it out and I'll be doing more in future builds. I think I'm gonna get a Fiskers hole cutter to make things easier.

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