Piper PA-22 Tri-Pacer - Vintage

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I have been following my project to restore or even to build vintage models which bring back good memories, so now I went to this 1957 original kit, the civilian beauty PA-22 Tri-Pacer .
I took my first flight in a Tri-Pacer which had this plane registration, PT-BCA, probably before 1970 when I was around 12, in my hometown. His owner was a family friend (José Gouveia Souto, in memoriam).

I had waited really a very long time trying to acquire this kit, which was quite difficult to find due to its rarity. Fortunately I found it on E-bay auction and I got it at a fair price.

The building was as simple as possible, except for a few additions and improvements such as: dashboard position correction, seatbelts, headlights, windshield structure bars, nose wheel torsion bar, tail cables, engine exhaust, boarding steps and radio antenna. Finishing all made in polyester inks by Dryco (local mgf.) and weathering in oils.

Best regards, "meus amigos" !

PS: The last picture was taken during my visit to EAA 2014, Oshkosh.

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  1. What a wondeful model, Roberto! The memories the type brings, the rarity of the kit with the final success in getting it, your great improvements, in order to come up with a truly excellent result, all these make for a really great and utterly inspirational build!

  2. You did the kit and the original classic proud. Well done, Roberto.

  3. Nice classic box scale, beautiful results!

  4. Really nice result on this old kit, Roberto @boblucio
    All the extras you did give this kit a nice improved look.

  5. Really well done, Roberto (@boblucio). I have this kit sitting around somewhere, but I haven't had the time or will to tackle it. This just shows the old kits can be made into great models with a little time and care.

  6. Great to see an old kit built with such love and attention.

  7. Beautifully built & finished, Roberto! I'm a big fan of Pipers, including the Tri-Pacer but my favorite is the Cub.
    Well done, Sir!

  8. Beautiful, as I get older I appreciate the classic kits more, this one brings back many memories, nicely done!

  9. I have about 20 hours in a Tri-Pacer a friend owned 50 years ago. You've really "caught" the old bird with your treatment of this model. Nice work!

  10. Lovely little civvie! Well done.

  11. I would like to get this kit as well. Some friends of the family have a Tri-Pacer in their collection of aircraft. Not as spiffy as yours with the 50's automobile looking interior, theirs is orange and black with a brown tartan interior. (The colors work together though.) Here it is at one of their hangar parties during EAA The owner is pushing my Dad. (If you ever come again, hit me up and we'll hang out!)

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    • Dear Josh @jpatt1000, thank you so much for your comment and kind invitation with pictures posted.
      I really intend to visit OSH again, as I had so much unforgettable memories from there.
      I will keep contact with you to plan a "meeting".

      Is that J-3 yours? I'm a R/C modeler too and I have one probably in this scale, but in red color.

      • My Dad (in the wheelchair) built it in the late 90's built it. I do R/C modeling as well but haven't flown since Easter 2014, a few months before my Dad passed. I have a pair of Lazy Bees, one modified, both need some attention.

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