Korean War...1/48 Douglas AD-4NA Skyraider, VF-194, US Navy


After the French , my dad decided to build another one, this time an AD-4NA during the Korean War.
He used the boxing of the old kit which was first released in 1979. Most Korean War naval schemes are rather boring, but I had a sheet with a more colourful scheme in the stash. Like it happened several times before with Cutting Edge decals, they disintegrated in the water. So my dad secured them with Microscale Liquid Decal Film, which luckily worked out. Because of that, the decal carrier film looks a bit thicker. Painted the model with an older selfmixed navy blue. The kit is a modular one for AD-4 (N, NA), AD-6. There are fuselage side inserts for either the dive brakes or the doors. My dad had to fill some lines and engrave new ones in that area, in the end he dicided to remove all the raised panel lies and rescribe the model. Kept the ventral dive brake. It´s slightly raised and to sand it away completely and get a smooth even surface, hardly impossible. When the model stands you don´t see it anyway. The prop plades are molded the wong way around, to say the rear side faces forward. So my dad cut them off und glued them on again in the correct position. The pitot tube under the right wing was taken from a Tamiya Skyraider kit, the Esci one has only a tube for the fin.
The two napalm canisters are leftovers from an unfinished Hobby Boss F-80 kit. They have no engravings for the filler caps, so my dad used some decals and added fuses with plastic rods. The 2000lb bomb is from the sparesbox, added some scratchbuilt strap-on and mount. Real center racks came later with the AD-5. Little fin mast was done with plastic rod, antenna wire with EZ Line.

Build thread here

Model shows a VF-194 Skyraider onboard the USS Boxer in 1953.

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  1. A wonderful result, Spreitzhofer Family!
    Loved following your build thread and learned a lot!
    It is really a great contribution to the growing and successful "Korean War" GB!

  2. That turned out great!

  3. Wonderful Spad - well done! Love the markings.

  4. A very striking Navy scheme, and a most excellent build from the old plastic selected.

  5. Excellent result on this Skyraider, Reinhard @grimreaper
    Your thread was a pleasure to follow and I definitely learned from it.

  6. Amazing build and photography. The boxy A-1 actually looks quite pleasing when done so well.

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