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Review: HK Models 1/32 Avro Lancaster Mk. I – a closer look

November 12, 2018 · in Reviews · · 10 · 19K
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Somewhat overshadowed by all the recent frenzy about the Wingnut Wings' big , have been quietly working on completing their very own kit of the famous RAF bomber.

And now it's here.

Ready for release in December, the HK Models 1/32 Lancaster is huge, perfectly moulded and from what I could see, captures the various shapes and features of the Lancaster very well.

Comparisons with the WnW offering will be inevitable. Based on my inspection of production-ready HK kit an the WnW early test shots, I'd say it will come down to your preference for the stressed skin effect, the extra bits and pieces of minute detail that a WnW kit may offer and also the price point - expect the WnW kit to be significantly more expensive of the two.

With a prospect of having two 1/32 Lancaster kits to choose between, this indeed is the Golden Age of modelling. Based on its very own merits, the HK Models Lancaster is a vwry impresaive and well-engineered product which just ask to be built. It's big, it's well made and it's here.

The rest of the story is in the pictures.

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  1. That sure is going to need some LARGE display area!

    Great looking kit, however. If you're the 1/32nd scale type, you should LOVE this!

    Now HK Models, what about that 1/32nd B-36 we really need ...

    • Hey Jeff: fyi

      Take a look at HpH models. They have come out with a massive B-36.

      Then take a look at some HpH youtube for a rundown kit build.

      Equially an impressive project.

      It is cool, though, that they're 2 Lancasters coming to market at virtually the same time. I ponder what IPMS-US will show in Chatanooga?

  2. There was a built up example of a pre-production test shot of the HK Lancaster ( 1/32 SiG) which looked very impressive. Apparently it can be dismantled for storage/transport.

    Not sure about those pointed propellor blades though ( I see there are the rounded alternative blades offered also) for very early versions?

    Conversion kit available for the Dambuster version also.

    Price will be interesting.

    WnW were at pains to play down the likely cost of their Lanc when we spoke with them.

    They will not be cheap though.

    • It is true that the wing mount allows to build it with detachable wings, which is an important option for storage/transport.

    • Two different types of propellers are provided in the kit. The narrow-chord needle type was indeed a feature of the initial production Lancs, later to be replaced by the more efficient broad-chord props

    • "needle" props were for the B.Mk.I, the "paddle" props for the B.Mk.III - the only way of telling the two apart other than serial number.

  3. What I find interesting about both kits is the way the cockpit sections have been designed. Like the real thing the forward fuselage could be separated from the remainder of the aircraft near the leading edge wing. Its been written that when the bombers where brought in for maintenance the fuselage sections were taken apart and often they were matched with either new sections or fuselage sections from other bombers.

  4. Like many other I have been waiting for this kit for the last five years when it was first announced (or maybe earlier). I think HK products are very good indeed but the length of time in development whilst other lesser subjects have been produced is an irritant. When any kit manufacturer announces their intentions they immediately create an expectation that a kit should be available with a reasonable period.and it is obvious that HK announced the Lancaster without taking account of the potential problems with development. Wingnut seem to have been beavering away quietly in the background and are well down the road of being able to deliver late next year. I do look forward to receiving the HK Lancaster buy I suspect any more delay and anyone who is not deterred by the possible price of the Wingnut offering will forego the HK kit and wait a little longer especially as the Dambuster will be on offer..

  5. Excessively large models with equally excess price tags prevents most modellers from enjoying this aspect of the hobby.

    • You may have a point, I for one would never be able to figure out where to display a finished model - or how to find the desk space to build it.

      However, I think that the general market trend is quite visible - there are many affluent modeling buyers these days that are prepared to pay an extra premium for the "ultimate kit". I think that HK Models, WnW, Eduard all serve as good examples, and look how many WnW kits we keep seeing on shows.

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