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The new Aifix P-51 Mustang in 1:48 scale (extra photos added)

August 4, 2017 · in Aviation · · 30 · 6.6K

With the new issue of Model World Magazine now out, I can post some photos of the all new Airfix 1:48 scale . This is a superb kit, the detail is excellent, some very clever engineering involved too to get nice a seamless radiator intake/exhaust. The cockpit is first class too. I've not filled the wing seams on this build, just indicated the filled & painted areas with different finishes, Alcald II for the metal and Gunze H8 Silver for the painted areas.

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  1. Superb! Truly beautiful!

  2. Beautiful model! Very nicely done!

  3. Holy moly Alan is this a rival to the Tamiya kit ?great build by the way.

  4. Now that right there is one beautiful piece of modeling, yes sir!

  5. She's a beauty! Very nice metal work, and wow - a nice set of decals to go with that. Was that spinner a decal too - if so, it conformed incredibly.

  6. Very pretty looking aircraft! Reckon this kit will give an ever popular aircraft a rocket boost and we will probably see quite a few of these around.

  7. Looking very good, and also out a year earlier and half the price of the officially-confirmed rumor of an Eduard P-51D (and B/C) in late 2018.

    I'm liking the one-piece windshield. Looks like a definite candidate for "best 1/48 P-51D". Love that it's Airfix.

    • Thanks Tom, the windshield is great, the cockpit coaming is a separate part which attaches with a tab to the underside of the top deck ahead of the windshield, hence no problems with glue creep up round the windshield!

    • Is there any chance the Eduard P-51D was sidelined, while they went back and re-tooled the BF-109 kits? IIRC the Eduard announcement of a P-51D goes back a ways.

  8. Does this mean that the Meng Dynasty is over? The Meng kit was/is declared by some to hold the crown for "Best" and being a snap tight kit
    at that. If Airfix prices their Mustang at a competitive price then all bets are off. I'm sure the kit will be released in time for X-mas.

    Excellent modeling.

  9. Nice one, great Job! I want to hopp in and take a short flight.

  10. Very nice, just now finishing up a Tamiya Mustang and was such a pleasant build, now here is Airfix. As you say better than what we have had before, well might have to get one when it comes out. It looks real good in the images. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Alan, looks fantastic. Seems like all the comments are related to the upcoming kit release, but let me begin by saying, you've done a suburb build here. Well done !
    Being a big time P-51 fan, I've got to know about the canopy. Is this a one piece canopy or is it separate from the frame like the Tamiya kit and the Airfix 1/72 scale kit ?

  12. Very nice work Alan.

  13. It looks terrific, Alan, I really like the monochrome picture. It would be interesting to see a triple review/comparison of this, the Meng Models kit and the Tamiya version.

  14. Alan: Your excellent review and build really showcases this new-tool Airfix Mustang. Looks like Airfix better keep the production line open on this one because I think this one is going to be a best-seller. Thanks again, Alan.

  15. Looks very nice, Alan. The P-51 is really more the domain of others, but i can appreciate the lines of the plane. I do look forward to seeing it in the flesh, on the sprues, built up, etc.

  16. Excellent finish, love this squadron marking too, shame it's not seen as often as some of the others.


  17. Alan, you've done a superb job on this kit & continued my faith in the new Airfix. It looks like they may have nudged Tamiya off the pedestal. It's just gone on my shopping list! Well done & thanks for posting.

  18. Alan, great job on the Mustang - already preordered!
    Does the kit have alternate parts to build a P-51K?

  19. Beautiful job!

  20. Fantastic built.

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