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Meng, 1/35, Merkava 3d

Hi guys,
This is my IDF Mekava 3d in 1/35 scale.
It’s an excellent Meng kit, almost straight out of the box.
Colors and weathering effects by Ammo-Mig.
Thanks and have a great weekend!

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16 responses to Meng, 1/35, Merkava 3d

  1. Wow, very realistic! Impressive to say the least. Thanks for posting Allon

  2. I absolutely love it!

  3. amazing build, perfect paint job!

  4. extraordinary weathering

  5. Superb work. There’s a real craft in ‘seeing’ what you want a build to look like and then making it actually look that way. This is just fantastic.

  6. Beautiful work, Allon.

  7. I adore IDF vehicles such as the Merkava, this model really does it for me: OOB modeling and splendid paintjob and weathering, skill at its purest!

  8. They said everything I was thinking….stellar workmanship !

  9. Beautiful craftsmanship – extremely realistic-looking result.

  10. Exquisite workmanship and finish, Allon! It looks absolutely real!

  11. Very well done job. Good color, good weathering, and plenty of detaills. A great model built.

  12. Thank you, guys!!!!

  13. Cool build mate! Nicely weathered.

  14. Very realistic build. Great work there Allon.

  15. Congratulations for winning the monthly award. I missed this Article, but I can easily see why the award came your way, Allon. It sure is a beautifully made model. All the work done in the detailing sure paid off, and not just for the award, but more importantly for its overall impression of realism. Very inspiring. Well done.

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