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Accurate Miniatures 1/48 RAF Mk-II Mustang

This is the old AM P-51A build as a Mk-II use by RAF 2 Squadron, Beny-sur-Mer, France in August 1944. Apparently only 50 were produced for the RAF and had the up rated Allison V-1710-81 engine and sported four .5 caliber machine guns. This Squadron would fly all of the Allison pony's, the Mk-1, Mk-Ia and Mk-II before being re-equipped with FR.XIV Spitfires.

Much has been written about the AM Mustang kits so I wont dwell on their accuracy or construction. I've build several to include their A-36 and found them to be easy as well as fun to build. The only draw back is that rather thick canopy. This was a quick build, and the only after market parts I used were a seat and some exhause stacks from Ultracast. Paints were Ocean Grey/Dark Green on top with Medium Sea Grey on the bottom. Sky was used for the the spinner and fuselage band. As usual nylon thread was used for the antenna. A Pitt Pen in black was used to high light the panel lines, and the old AM kit decals were used for the D-Day stripes and worked really well.

My march to shrink the stash will have to slow down now as I've been finally called back to work. Much to the delight on my wife I may add. Stay safe out there folks.

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14 responses

  1. Nice build Tom. I agree that the AM Mustangs are a fun build and yours looks great in RAF colours.

  2. Good looking build, Tom! Nice work

  3. Nice looking aircraft Tom and glad you're heading back to work. I returned last week after a month off...longest 7 days I've worked

  4. Nice 'Stang Tom!

  5. Another winner emerges from the Bebout factory. This time it’s a Pony instead of a Curtiss. As far as the negative reviews on these AM P-51’s, to me it’s a bunch of hog wash. It still looks like a Mustang to me, and if you take your time assembling the nose section to the main part of the fuselage you’re good to go. I have built several over the years and have plans to build more if the Good Lord is willing. I do agree with you about the canopy. One of the canopy rear side panels on one of mine has hazed as if it was somehow twisted at some point. The defect is only visible from certain angles. Odd...

    Well done my friend. Be safe going back to work. So how did your endeavor to shrink the stash go ? I’m still whittling away ...


  6. Looks really nice Tom. I especially like the way you've weathered the prop.

  7. I love those AM early Mustangs. I've built several, and they're always satisfying.

    Nice job on yours!

  8. Great Mustang Tom. And a great inspiration to build my AM A-36.

  9. Beautiful pony. The prop is indeed very nice weathered, totally agree with Ben.

  10. Good looking kit Tom. Really like the realistic finish on the prop. Be safe returning to the real world.

  11. Nice work, Tom. I’ve noticed that alot of us have built these AM Mustangs over the last couple years. I suspect stashes are full of them.

  12. Nice Pony Tom! I swear I will soon get around to a Mustang in Brit livery - it just looks great!

  13. Another nice clean build Tom. Nicely done.

  14. Nice! Always liked the Allison powered Mustangs.

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