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1/48 Mi-24P Hind F, Belgorod Raid, 1 April 22

I snapped this up from Sprue Brothers right before the sanctions were in place, so this may be one of the last Zvezda models I (or anyone else, for that matter) do for a while. It was in the mail when the war started and arrived on my [...]

Ural Mi-8 camper

Once upon a time i saw someone made model of Mi-24 camper like this and i had Mi-8 fuselage in kitbash box, so one thing led to another. roof pack, generator and canisters are DIY, behind truck cabin is paper printed OSB plate with [...]

1/72 Amodel Mil Mi-6 Early Version

Another not so easy kit, this time from Amodel. As usual the fuselage of such a large subject is divided in three pieces lengthwise, and the Amodel instructions tell you to assemble the halves together then assemble the 3 sections to each [...]