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RIP: Bob Hoover

Bob Hoover died last night, age 94. One of the best pilots ever, he flew "chase" for Chuck Yeager on 14 October 1947. Two years earlier, he'd escaped from POW camp and got out of Germany by stealing an Fw-190 and flying it to [...]

RIP Ed Maloney, 1928-2016

My friend Ed Maloney died yesterday afternoon of complications from heart problems. Very few people can say that they changed things single-handedly, but Ed Maloney did. As everyone at every air museum around the world I have ever spoken [...]

RIP Robert F. Dorr 1939-2016

Damn! What a month this is! Robert F. Dorr: August 11, 1939 - June 13, 2016 There is no writer who ever lived who did not become a writer except through the assistance of those who came before. When I consider my own career, the names [...]

RIP Capt. Dan Bowling (1922-2016)

I was expecting this. On Friday, May 27, my friend Dan Bowling came down with pneumonia and was admitted to the ER. On June 3, he was transferred to a hospice. He passed away this morning (Thursday) at 10 am. As much as I miss him, [...]

RIP Spiros “Steve” Pisanos (1920-2016)

Boy, the hits just keep on coming. I just learned that my friend of 30 years, Colonel Spiros "Steve" Pisanos, died yesterday. It's a surprise but not really, since he was 96. I remember when I saw him last year, he looked so good [...]

R.I.P. Edgar “Mr. Spitfire” Brooks

Edgar Brooks died of cancer yesterday. He was only diagnosed with it recently, when it was terminal. He went immediately into hospital,. and was gone within days. There's an argument to be made that was a blessing, but I'll argue [...]

R.I.P. Douglas Carrick

I was just informed by a friend that Douglas Carrick, the accomplished draughtsman, aviation artist and historian who's airplane drawings served generations of modelers worldwide, passed away last week, aged 85. Doug was a legendary figure [...]

R.I.P. Shep Paine

R.I.P. Shepard "Shep" Paine, the father of modern modeling and a major influence on all of us who try to "get it right" with the products of our hobby. He was an historian who could bring history to life through the [...]

Alex Vraciu, RIP

Alex Vraciu departed the ship earlier today, at age 96. He was the ranking surviving American Ace of World War II at the time of his death. I had the good fortune of meeting Alex a few times at AFAA events. I would have to rank him as one [...]