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The last Gee Bee

The last Gee Bee „The Gee Bee Q.E.D. (“Quod Erat Demonstrandum” – „it is proven” in Latin), aka Gee Bee R-6H, aka the “Conquistador del Cielo” (Sky Conqueror) was the last in a series of racing and touring aircraft from the [...]

Special Hobby F2G-1, 1/48. 'Fly Fast, Turn Left'

Another Corsair for the collection, this Special Hobby kit was bought around 2 years ago and when I opened the box I immediately realised I wasn't ready for this sort of built and left it in the pile. This is Special Hobby's rendition of [...]

Howard “Ike” air racer

This little air racer was built back in the early 1990s and had never been photographed before May 20 of last year, almost a year ago today in fact. I don’t know why I had overlooked it all these years but I decided to rectify that by a [...]

Miles M.2E Hawk “Speed Six” – 1:72 resin

Hi everyone! This is my Miles Speed Six made from Steelworks 1:72 resin kit. This is a classic handmade kit and among them a really good executed one! See the kit here: (link) and here: (link) The Speed Six was a single-seat racing variant [...]

AMP 1/48 Supermarine S.5 Schneider Racer

In 1911, a time when floatplanes and flying boats were barely capable of leaving the water, Jacques Schneider introduced the Schneider Cup at a banquet following the 4th annual James Gordon Bennet race for landplanes, for a similar race [...]

“Cobra II” P-39 air racer – 1946 Thompson Trophy winner

"Cobra II” at the 1946 Thompson Trophy Race: The P-39 known as “Cobra II,” was a Bell P-39Q-10BE, AAF 42-20869, assigned to the 430th Army Air Force Base Unit, Ephrata AAB, Washington, a Combat Crew Training Station, in April [...]

Planet Models 1/48 Hughes H-1 racer

HISTORY The Hughes H-1 was the last privately-designed aircraft built specifically to set records. It set both the world air speed record for land planes, and a transcontinental speed record. Many have speculated that the design was [...]

My Yellow Cobra Racer.

This 1/48 scale model is made by a different company than what I wrote in my bare metal P-39 story yesterday. I liked the pre-cut mask's for the windscreen, canopy and the door's as they fit perfectly. The modeler, (ME) had the option to [...]

RACING PLANES & air racers!

I mentioned this book in one or more of my stories, which was put together by Reed Kinert. I bought it in the early 1980's 'cause it had some black and white prints of the 1946-1949 Cleveland, Ohio air racers. I cut out lots of prints and [...]


I created this o.o.b. hypothetical Reno, Nevada racer 'cause I has several good quality race-related decals in my spare decal box.