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Group Build: 100 years of the Royal Canadian Air Force.

Greetings modeling colleagues. I'm hoping you will join me in a group build honouring the 100th anniversary of the RCAF. I wouldn't be here if it weren't for the RCAF, so I'm dedicating it to my father and mother. Aldo Missio Sr. was a [...]

A giant spreads its wings: B-24 GR.Mk.VI, 10th Squadron RCAF

A quote from Paul Kennedy's book "Engineers of Victory" should open this article: "Closing the air gap did not happen because some great person decreed it. There was a group of chiefly Canadian air engineers who in early [...]

Mustang I, 1/72 Italeri, RCAF 414 Squadron, F/O Hollis Hills

Hollis Hills was an American flying with the Royal Canadian Air Force, and this aircraft, with Hollis at the stick, was the first Mustang to score a victory, over an FW-190, above the beaches of the disastrous Dieppe raid, a dark day for [...]

1/72 Canso A.

This is the Academy PBY-5A finished as a RCAF Canso A. The Canso was a license built Catalina manufactured by Boeing Canada and Canadian Vickers. The one I chose to model was a Canadian Vickers built machine from the last production [...]

RCAF CF-188B Hornet in 1/48

A build of Kinetic's 1/48 scale F-18A/B kit as aircraft '934' of the Royal Canadian Air Force, based at Bagotville, Quebec. This was a special build project for me as I was lucky enough to fly in 934 with 425 Squadron in May 2023 while [...]

Grumman Goose (JRF) Mk III, No.13 Operational Training Squadron, RCAF base, Sea Island, B.C.

This is Czech Models 1/48 limited edition Grumman Goose JRF kit finished as an RCAF Goose Mk III. Grumman Goose 941 was flown by No. 13 Operational Training Squadron based at RCAF Station Sea Island, British Columbia. Prior to military [...]

404 Squadron Beaufighter, June 6, 1944.

This is my 404 (Buffalo) Squadron, RCAF, Beaufighter, as it would have appeared on the morning of D-Day. While Coastal Command would usually have used semi-armor piercing warheads, on this day they had the 60lb warheads for Flak [...]

CC-130J Canadian Super Hercules RCAF Built from Scratch

This is the CC-130J Super Hercules, most modern variant of the Legacy Hercules Transport Aircraft, built and designed by Lockheed Martin. I built this one from pine, engraved with a wood burner. Flaps are down, at takeoff position, wheels [...]

CP-140 AURORA MKIV RCAF Maritime Patrol Aircraft Scratch Built

This is one of the 3-4 foot Aircraft I built as a Contract for Canada's Department of National Defense, Royal Canadian Airforce. Wings, Rudder, horizontal stabilizers all made from pine, even the 8 bladed props. The fuselage is made of PVC.

1/48th scale Airfix RCAF CT-155 Hawk by Don Weixl

1/48th scale Airfix RCAF CT-155 Hawk by Don Weixl January 2022 Vernon BC Canada For some reason I thought it was a good idea to build 3 BAe Hawks at the same time. My plan was to build a 1/72 Swiss Airforce Hawk, a 1/72 RCAF Hawk and [...]