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1/72 BE-12 Chayka Ukraine Amphibious Aircraft

1/72 BE-12 Chayka or Seagull in Ukrainian markings. The aircraft made its operational debut in 1968 and served in the ASW and SAR role and is still flying today with a handful still operating. The NATO, cold war code name for this [...]

Paper or Plastic?

While doing research for my SU-100 project (posted here on iModeler), I ran across an advertisement for a paper kit version of the Russian T-34 tank in the same scale as my plastic SU-100, so I thought I'd give building one a try... The [...]

Ghost in the Shell T-34 (RFM 1:35 kit + MiniArt engine & transmission)

Hello y’all, I’m back after a looong hiatus. In these strange times things are happening that apparently escaped from a bad movie script; if one had woken up from 2-years hibernation, he’d probably struggle to recognize the planet. [...]

T-34/76 ChTZ.

Helo. This model is very very old. Its the ancient Italeri kit with a copied in resin Dragon turret. I added the cuppola to make the later version. Its full of errors. I added from time to time new parts and details. The track is from [...]