Ghost in the Shell T-34 (RFM 1:35 kit + MiniArt engine & transmission)

November 15, 2021 · in Armor · · 11 · 1.7K

Hello y'all, I'm back after a looong hiatus.

In these strange times things are happening that apparently escaped from a bad movie script; if one had woken up from 2-years hibernation, he'd probably struggle to recognize the planet. Oh yes, and I built a model of a tank! I know, weirdness never stops!

It's the , made as a part of the WhatsApp group modeling challenge between few friends.

It all started quite innocently, as I wanted to build something very rusty and try out some of the techniques everyone raves about, but would never get to apply on an airplane. It was supposed to be a generic abandoned T-34 without much reference in time and space, but then I started finding many images of these tanks used in the wars during the break-up of a country I was born in - . So it gradually evolved towards a machine you see here. One does not usually associate a WWII tank with modern warfare, but this old weapon was indeed used in the 90-ies and in large numbers.

This is still a speculative vehicle, but deeply rooted in the actual appearance of such tanks in many period photos. It represents an abandoned Serbian armor, slowly rotting away somewhere in the warring Balkan hills.

It was quite a explorative project for me and I especially enjoyed the weathering and distressing aspect of it. I can imagine few more of these mud dwellers reaching surface of the workbench…

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  1. Wow ! That’s very beautiful , in an ugly sort way. Excellent workmanship !

  2. It's really hard to "mess up" a model and get it right - like you did here.

  3. Amazing build, Aleksandar @asekular
    The aging effects are very realistic and also the little diorama adds a lot to the already beautiful armor.

  4. Excellent build, amazing weathering, Aleksandar!
    Beautiful diorama, as well!

  5. Many, many thanks, Spiros, John, Tom and Jay! As all 4 of you, I'm predominantly an aircraft modeler, but owing to our inclusive, socially-diverse and semi-vaccinated world, I can safely come out of the closet and say, yes I’ve built a tank! ;D But seriously now, this is Terra incognita for me - the first armor in 25 years or so. I did assemble few such kits as a kid, but nothing since. All considering, I'm chuffed to bits how this turned out.

  6. Welcome back, Aleksandar! Well done all around.

  7. This is a very cool project. Thanks for sharing.

  8. A very nice model. Well implemented, the details are also something to look at.
    Congratulations on such a work.

  9. Beautiful work and weathering, @asekular. A plethora of techniques and colors giving the eye so much to enjoy. Really a beautifully finished model, that conveys the years of neglect the subject has experienced.

  10. Hello Walt, Hans-Peter and Kostas! Your kind words are very much appreciated!

    1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

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