T-34/76 ChTZ.

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This model is very very old.

Its the ancient kit with a copied in resin Dragon turret. I added the cuppola to make the later version.

Its full of errors. I added from time to time new parts and details.

The track is from Maquette. The wheels from different Tamiya kits.

I tested on it different green colors over the years.

I decided not to smash it to the garbage because its so full of errors.

I removed all the paint and repainted it quickly and presented to a friend on this birthday.

Best regards

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  1. The final result looks spectacular, especially in terms of painting and weathering.
    I am no armor guy, so I have no experience in spotting armor errors 🙂

  2. It turned into a nice model after all those modifications, Peter.
    Paint work and weathering does indeed look great.

  3. I'll bet your friend knows noting of all the "errors." Just like all of we non-experts who build airplanes and not creepie-crawlies. 🙂

    Looks good to me and the paint work is outstanding.

  4. Looks like a T-34 to me, nice job.

  5. This later version of the T-34 with the ChKZ turret and commander's cupola copied for German vehicles is I think one of the most aesthetically design variations. I really like the way you have weathered this and varied the look of the paint, which makes it look not only nice and dirty but also appropriately bashed-up. I especially like the sag on the track - looks very authentic to me. It may be an old model for you but it is definitely worth sharing. Good job all around.

  6. Brilliant result Peter. The paint work on this is awesome, why not write an article and tell us how you did it!

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