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Dragon 1/35 Sd.Kfz.7, 8t Half track

A complex and highly detailed kit of a prime mover and a personal carrier widely used by the German Army. The focal point of the build were the relics of temporary winter paint applied in the field on top of the factory grey coat. To [...]

Aid Station

This is my final project from 2018 which I finished in the new year but have only just photographed. The back story is a village in N Europe was damaged in the fighting in 1940. The war revisits the village during the German retreat in [...]

Tamiya 1/35 8 ton semi track 20mm flakvierling Sd.kfz 7/1

We had our first real snow of the winter last night, so I thought I would venture out into the sub zero temperature to take some pictures of this old, but venerable, Tamiya kit. I completed this about 18 months ago, just before joining [...]