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Frank Luke’s SPAD XIII

In 1910, Armand Deperdussin founded the Societe Provisoire des Aeroplanes Deperdussin (SPAD). The company built racing airplanes designed by Deperdussin; a monoplane designed by Chief Designer Louis Bechereau in 1913 set a world air speed recor[...]

SPAD XIII №26 1/72 Eduard

You'll laugh, but again SPAD XIII! Best regards, Vlad.

Russian SPAD XIII 1/72 Eduard

SPADmaniya continues! :-) Again SPAD-13. At this time, the pilot AD Shirinkin, commander of the 4th Fighter Division, 1920. Best regards, Vlad.

SPAD XIII 1/72 Academy

Remember, I had promised to build a SPAD-13. At this time, an old set of the Academy. Happy viewing! Sincerely, Vlad.

SPAD XIII 1/72 Eduard

Hello! My new job. Elegant French fighter. In my plans for another three or four models of the S-13. Happy viewing! Sincerely, Vlad.

1/48 Glencoe Spad XIIIC.1

This has to be a re-issue of a re-issue, etc. Copyright on the instructions reads "1995". The best part of the kit is the "invisa-clear" Scale-Master decals. This was another 20+ part kit that I built because it looked like fun. Sitting on t[...]