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1/48 AMT/Round2 Staggerwing G17S

The Beechcraft model G17S was the last of the Staggerwing series and approximately 20 of these were built between 1946 -1948. Staggerwings are considered one of the world’s most beautiful vintage planes. A grand total of 781 of various [...]

Beechcraft G-17S StaggerwingAMT (Round 2) 1/48

After the last build of a Beechcraft Model 18, why not a Beechcraft G-17S Staggerwing? The Staggerwing is, of course, one of those aircraft that just screams "Golden Age of Aviation", especially when in the air (as I've chosen [...]

Airport Diorama – Progress report

Once upon a time, in an age before cell phones, there existed a certain kind of airport with certain kinds of airplanes . . . The Stinson and Beech Staggerwing are courtesy of Mr. Terrence Davis. I had these kits in my build-project [...]