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Supermodel's Blohm u. Voß Bv138C 'Seedrache' (The Flying Clog)

This is my last build for 2023, and it's the venerable Bv138C kit by Supermodel from the mid-1970s. I had intended to finish it in a colour scheme carried by a Bv138A variant, but noticed almost at the very last moment, that this wasn't [...]

Revell 1/72 BV-138C-1

Hi everyone! This is my Revell 1/72 BV-138C-1, finished as W.Nr.13803 10158, 2./KüFl.Gr.406, “K6+AK” machine, in service from special catapult launching ships in the Norwegian Coast. This machine carried a special emblem at the port [...]

1/72 Supermodel Bv138C-1

This kit was finally finished about a month ago. It was started about 20 years ago. I had scribed panel lines in using the rather prominent raised panel lines of the kit as a guide. the kit then sat for about 20 years until the end of this [...]

Macchi C.202 Folgore Tunisia 1943,Battle of Kasserine Pass Group build.1/72 Supermodel

The ancient Supermodel Macchi fighter, I used equally ancient ESCI decals markings of A/C #3 374 Squadrilia,153 Gruppo, Tunisia 1943 and Print Scale Italian aircraft camo. sheet. After applying the decals, I realized that the paint was [...]

1/72 Super Model Cant Z 506

This is another old one from the stash. While several versions can be built from this kit, I tried to choose what I thought was the most colorful. I enjoyed the build, and thought the little research I did, most interesting. It was a [...]

CAC CA 30 MB 326H Macchi, A7-014, Roulettes, CFS RAAF East Sale Vic 1981.

1/72 Supermodel, my first Macchi, with Pavla MB WY6AM seats, I added some detail to the cockpit, modified the nose wheel, tail bump and jet pipe, finished in Model Master, Tamiya X6 over Floquil reefer orange enamels, Roodecal and Future. [...]