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TBM-1C Avenger, VT-7 USS Hancock (1:48, Accurate Miniatures)

May 13, 2018 · in Aviation · · 28 · 10.3K

This was my second kit in 1:48 scale - and a lot of memories! I love this airplane, I loved the kit, which has truly a lot of amazing details allowing you to build excellent model straight from the box.

My only improvement was replacing of radio station used in earlier versions of Avengers and adding some wires inside and in the bomb bay. I also add photoetched flaps - highly recommended, the difference is clear.

According to "cutaway" photos - there are sooooo many details hidden inside and I was so sad that nobody (including me) would see them anymore after closing the fuselage, so I decided to take some photos before and after in the same angle and combine them in photoshop.

It was not so easy as it sounds, but the result is worth enough. I even print out these cutaways and show them in my display, so everybody can see what is hidden inside.

The build itself was very easy, everything is just perfect. I do not know anybody who was not excited with AccMiniatures kits - they are truly on top level of all kits I know (however, even they have some minor mistakes! 🙂 ).

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  1. Spectacular work, my friend...and what a great idea using that Photoshop method!

  2. How nice this is, must have been quite a journey indeed. Splendid job on this TBM!

  3. Really beautiful model, compliments !

  4. WOW! This is a WINNER. I have this kit in the stash for many years. You have just inspired me to move this kit to the build list. The cut away photos sure looks awesome!

  5. Incredible work Martin, excellent idea using photoshop to show the interior details that AM kits were known for. I was one who appreciated them when they first appeared in the 90's, the layout in the box when you first popped the lid. Really no aftermarket needed for the interior other than maybe seatbelts. I didn't care much for the decals provided. Built several, still yet to build the Avenger and the early B-25 which I have in the stash. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Awesome job! With the model and the photography. Really a special treat.

  7. Martin, I love this. Really love it. Truly innovative in concept and gorgeous in execution. The idea of conflating the two stages of a model to manifest otherwise lost detail is just brilliant. To embed it in your display takes technical, artistic, and creative modeling, for me, to another level. I am so impressed.

  8. This is a remarkable build of one of my favorite aircraft. Love the photography, fantastic idea. Really all around perfect job. I also built the AM Avenger back when the company 1st produced it, dont know how many years ago that was? Model sitting sort of busted in my dusty basement. Would love to find another to build. I also have the AM SBD-1 still in the box in stash. May start it soon b/c just finished a project.

  9. Martin,
    I echo everything said by others above. This is a very well executed bird and the photoshop work is top notch. Love the idea and you did a great job with it.

  10. Martin, your Avenger is just Fantastic! Very realistically weathered and painted. It’s probably the best 48 scale Avenger model I had to pleasure to see.
    That first photo fooled me until I read your explanation text... That photo composition is so good that it induced me thinking you had made a cutaway model 🙂

  11. Spectacular model & the photos are top shelf! The Photoshop version with insides is absolutely genius! If only it was easy for ALL of who like models us with detailed interiors!

    Great presentation, Martin!

  12. A winner for sure, Martin. Great aircraft and a great build. Just beautiful in every respect. I can see this as the model of the month for sure.

  13. Thank you all for your comments, this build was inspired by J. M. Villalba and his gorgeous Avenger and it gave me a lot of experience.

  14. I have to admit that the first two photos have me scratching my head going WTAF? The others show a very nice bit of work on one of the best kits ever produced, the A-M Avenger. Great work.

  15. Beautiful work & very ingenious presentation. You've done a lovely job!

  16. Well, everything I'd want to say has been said, so let me just pile on! Beautiful, and loved your photography creativity. For the longest time I just stood staring at that first photo, trying to figure out what kind of "see-through" build I was looking at, and finally gave up and read the post!

  17. Martin, This looks really nice, and the work you did to show the interior is really clever. A beautiful way to display your work. Well done !

  18. All I can add is Wow!

  19. The idea of using layers in PS is brilliant - but the model has to be brilliant too, to allow it to happen - great stuff! This will start a trend I'm sure!

  20. Excellent Martin. Great build, great photos, and I have to agree. I love A-M kits.

  21. Hello Martin,
    Congrats with this amazing result. The model, finish and the photography are outstanding.
    Regards, Dirk / The Netherlands.

  22. Amazing!... I loved it...

  23. Hello Martin,
    I just stumbled across your amazing model. It really is outstanding with breathtaking detail.
    May I ask, do you know any further details about the actual plane itself?
    Do you happen to know if it is Buno# 46438
    Crashed in Hong Kong 16th Jan. 1945?

    If so, I can share photos of the wreck site (I found it a few years ago).
    Regards, Craig Mitchell

  24. Beautiful Looking airplane!

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