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1/700 scale USS Sacramento AOE-1 (Trumpeter)

August 4, 2019 · in Ships · · 11 ≡

Greetings ,

This is another naval build which was an OOB. The scale kit is from Trumpeter which is the only manufacturer to date to produce this class of vessel. The kit overall was satisfying to build the fittings and detail look good for its quality and scale. I made the full hull option as the kit does give the choice of waterline and full hull. Below is the youtube link of the full build log of the model.


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  1. A unique and well done build, sir...interesting video as well. Nice job.

  2. Well done! That was quite a ship in its' day. Launched in 1964 & decommissioned in 2004. 40 years of service.

    Very nicely done model, Mee Wan!

  3. Nice job! I think we came along side her sister ship the Detroit, a few times.

  4. I remember having the Sacramento alongside, not sure what ship though. Nicely done!

  5. The propulsion system for Sacramento and her sister Camden AOE-2, came from unfinished Kentucky BB-66.

  6. thanks for the comments !

  7. Hello Mee-Wan,
    Thanks for sharing the construction with us.
    Without proper supply's no continuation of the operation.
    I missed the most difficult part, the railing from etch.
    Ar e these included in the box, or from
    The result is excellent. Regards, Dirk

    • Hi..Dirk...the kit only provides PE for the the crane structure the railings and other details arent provided...Bigblueboy does provide Full set PE for this ship.

  8. Very nice - a little-seen craft!

  9. thanks again for the kind comments

  10. Nice job Mee, you have done a wonderful job on your Sacramento
    I wish this kit would be issued in 1/350. Not enough of these support ships are done as injection moulded kits in the scale.

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