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SBD3 Dauntless 1942, Flyhawk 1/72

Let me post a Flyhawk Dauntless. I am a Flyhawk devotee by nature, and they have brought us a kit that lives up to our expectations in aircraft modelling. I was amazed to learn that this was their first model aeroplane kit. The aircraft I [...]

E/V Natuilus Dives on Wreck of USS Yorktown at Midway

(link) To follow up on Tom's @tcinla post about the dive on Akagi here the same team dive on CV-5 USS Yorktown (link)

77 years ago today

From my coming book "I Will Run Wild", quoted from the memoirs of John Bridgers, a naval aviator who experienced the Doolittle Raid, the Battle of Midway, the Battle of Guadalcanal, the Battle of the Philippine Sea and the [...]

John Bridgers’ account of the loss of USS Yorktown

June 4, 1942: in addition to the US fliers sinking three Japanese carriers in the morning, the aircraft of the surviving fourth carrier, Hiryu, hit USS Yorktown; after survivingtwo strikes, the majority of the crew was evacuated. Yorktown [...]