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Yakovlev Yak-3

Yak 3 in 1/72 Revell (Zvezda)

After spending way too long on the last couple of builds (mostly do to self-inflicted problems and mistakes) I wanted something quick and easy, so scanning the stash, the Yak jumped out at me. Apparently you can do it as a snap-together [...]

1/48 Zvezda Yakovlev Yak-3 Lt Col Yakimenko 1945

An old project that had been abandoned for years,finally finished,not contest level but a nice kit...hope you like it.


Today I'd like to share my 1/48th scale Eduard Yak 3 with the group. The kit is one of that company's older efforts, first appearing in 1998, but it's a well-done if occasionally inaccurate effort that does a credible job of representing [...]

Eduard 1/48 Yak-3 Normandie Niemen

Hi everyone! This is my Eduard 1/48 Yak-3 that I finished some time ago. Petite and lightweight, with its high power-to-weight ratio, the Yak proved to be a formidable dogfighter. Robust and easy to maintain, it was much liked by both [...]

Zvezda Yak-3s

Pain-free. Go slow, enjoy the build and mind the gunsight glass so the carpet monster doesn't eat it. The blue decal for the spinner is poorly sized and if you use it, the decal won't conform no matter what decal setting solution you use. [...]

Yak-3 JRV, 116 LAP, Hasegawa 1/72

Hi to all Another Yak from Yugoslav air force finished, this time in standard VVS colors. Well known model from Hasegawa, with all its faults. After trying to correct most of them, filling wrong panel lines, little correcting of wing [...]

YAK-3 Yugoslav air force acro group (1950) 1/72 Zvezda

Hi to all Finalized one more Yakovlev Yak-3, this time in colors of Yugoslav acrobatic team from 1950. Acro group consisted from 2 Yak's, one in bright red and one in bright yellow color. Zvezda model in 1/72, very soft plastic, need [...]

Yak-3, 1/48 Eduard

This time I present Eduard's Yak-3 model, which I finished in 2018. It is a Profipack package, to which I added photo-etched parts for flaps, Quickboost exhausts and Lift here decals. Considering that it’s quite old model, I think it’s [...]

1/72 Yakovlev Yak-3 Revell

This is a 1/72 scale Yakovlev Yak-3 by Revell in the colours of a machine from 18. GIAP, East Prussia, 1945. This was a pretty straight-forward build OOB. Everything fit together pretty nicely. I was well impressed with the full colour, [...]

WWII Soviet airplane – 1/48

Hello again, these are two Soviet World War II aircraft kits in 1:48 scale. The mig 3 is a trumpeter kit, the Yak 3 is a Svezda kit. I must say that there is no comparison in quality. Trumpeter beats Svezda 2-0. The Mig is with a [...]