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Soviet Field Howitzer SU 122 (M-30) Italeri 1/35 kit

This was the first kit I built when I started about 10 years ago. I had done lots of research about proper construction and finishing and thought artillery with figures would give me a chance to try them out. I wrote down that it is Italeri bu[...]


I'm currently working on a 1/144 Minicraft DC-8 and Zvezda Tu-154M as a change of pace. I realized that the last airliners I built were the A330 and 767 shown here. I thought I would share them. The A330 is a Revell kit built in 1998. It's [...]

Zvezda 1:72 Fw-190 a-4

This is Zvezda's "Snap-fit" 1:72 Fw190 a-4 done in the markings of W.Nr.0601 of 1./JG 1 Amsterdam-Schipol, June 1943. a good kit in outline and fit. a few minor detail errors (wrong engine cooling vents, late model wheels), but overall a nice [...]

Zvezda 1/48 Bf109F

This the engine I'm working on for my current project. I am really impressed with Zvezda's quality! I will post more pics as the project moves along.

1/48 Zvezda Bf-109F-2

The 1/48 Zvezda Bf-109F-2, using Lifelike Decals to do the airplane flown by Hans Phillip as 4 Staffel Kapitaen of II/JG 54 in 1941. Always liked the "lizard scheme" of camouflage JG 54 created. Full review today over at Modeling Madness. Th[...]

Zvezda Yak-3

Given the editor reviewed the kit i thought I might show what it looks like finished. This is an excellent kit, as the video review reveals. I would be very happy if Zvezda were to do the rest of the Yaks, since this is really the best Yak kit[...]

Zvezda 1/48 Yak-3 video review

Zvezda's new-tool 1/48 Yakovlev Yak-3 appears to be a gem of a kit. Video review by ScaleModelAircraft, via YT.

Attack of the 109s, Pt. 4: Hannes Trautloft (Hasegawa 1/32 Bf-109F-2)

The Hasegawa limited-run Bf-109F-2 (released as Galland Bf-109F-2Z), with Eagle Cals decals to do Hannes Trautloft's Bf-109F-2. I love the many varied unofficial camouflage schemes applied to JG 54 109s and 190s. To me, the Bf-109F is the best[...]

Zvezda 1/48 Bf109F-2

In my opinion Zvezda's Bf109F is the best in 1/48. very well detailed, and goes together just as well. I painted her with Floquil Military enamels, and Model Master enamels. After market decals are from Aeromaster if I'm not mistaken.