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P-47D Thunderbolt, Academy 1/48

July 16, 2015 in Aviation

my last model of ex Yugoslavia P-47D from Technical Museum, Zagreb,Croatia

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15 responses to P-47D Thunderbolt, Academy 1/48

  1. I knew these had a varied service history, but wasn’t expecting Croatia! Nice job, Zoran.

  2. Good to see an aircraft in unusual markings, Zoran.

  3. Nice work, Zoran, very nice indeed.

  4. Good looking Jug, Zoran! My kids are soon moving to Croatia, and at some point I plan to visit them there, so perhaps we will cross paths some time in the near future. Always nice to find a fellow modeler to swap stories with in strange and new places!

  5. Ah – just saw that the aircraft is in Croatia, but you are in Serbia! Well, at least perhaps I can visit the Jug!

  6. Different Jug, nice to see in these makings, great job.

  7. A very nicely finished P 47 D Zoran.
    Looks the part.

  8. Thats a good looking Jug dude!

  9. Greetings :
    The P-47 is a favorite of mine, and this model is no exception.
    Nice clean, sharp work Zoran.

  10. Very nice, you can t have too many Thunderbolts. Thats a more “exotic” marking. Fantastic !

  11. Love your work! Planning on building a P-47 and an F-84 of the Yugoslav AF.

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