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BELL UH-1B “Huey” – Monogram – 1:48

August 14, 2015 in Aviation

Model built from a scrap of a very old kit!

Many pieces have been replaced and a lot has completed the technique of scratchbuilding (using aluminum cans).

The model has all the movable parts (doors, access, rotors) as the original!
A working two years of research and three years of construction resulted in this beautiful result for a kit 1/48.

The base was improvised with parts scratchbuilding, plaster, matchsticks and plastic.

The markings are 334th AHC 1st Platoon ‘Playboys’ in 1966-1968.

I hope you enjoy!

30 additional images. Click to enlarge

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23 responses to BELL UH-1B “Huey” – Monogram – 1:48

  1. Wow….from what I can see, that looks like an excellent re-build with lots of detail added. Wish you’d have posted more pics (it’s not too late, by the way). A little background as to exactly what you did would’ve been most interesting as well (it’s not too late, by the way….lol). Nice work, sir. We want more “show& tell”. 🙂

  2. Thanks Craig!

    More photos added!

  3. Great build, lots of details, love it!

  4. Excellent – it’s easy to see where the 3 years of effort went, and it paid off nicely. Well done!

  5. Alexandre, wonderful work. You got the red clay that is everywhere over there, it seems. The dust is a lot of fun, too! If you’re around a Huey taking off or landing, you get a dirt bath. I t amazes me what you’ve accomplished with this old and basic kit. It’s not the same aircraft, but some new creation.
    I’m gonna revisit this one a lot, as a primer on the aircraft and an example of pull out all the stops modeling.
    It takes me back, I can tell you…..

  6. Another classic kit done to high standards, very well done!

  7. Amazing work! 5 years! Dude, you must love Hueys! I did speak to some South African Recce Commandoes once, who had been picked up in a tight spot, by a SAAF Puma helo. They did admit they had developed quite a soft spot for the sound and sight of a Puma!

  8. Man does that take me back to my ride in a Huey in August of 70 . You did one outstanding job . Thanks for sharing .

  9. Great commitment here, Alexandre. Very nice result, and the vignette setting has that element of ‘value added’.

  10. Hello Alexandre,
    Master Modeller. I enjoyed your contribution.

  11. Marvellous job!!! Well done!!!

  12. Fantastic job Alexandre, nice pics as well.
    Great scratch building and a lovely base too.

  13. Nice work and detailing.


  14. Great work mate! Well done!

  15. I feel like I need to roll out my tool case and go to work.
    Fantastic modeling Alenandre!
    California Steve

  16. Just brilliant, the finished model really reflects all the research and extra work that has gone into creating this masterpiece.

  17. Nothing short of amazing! Very impressive level of detail!

  18. Impressive !!! You made this kit really shine, great modelling and well presented.

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