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Finally got round to making the stand.

November 7, 2015 in Aviation

Make my own stands for aircraft. I mostly use coffee sticks but I’m trying to be more inventive and upcycle other things as well. This is the latest for my 1/72 Red Arrows Gnat. First Jet I’ve finished and quite happy with the result. Stand still needs sanding and painting. I’ll post more when it’s finished.

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8 responses to Finally got round to making the stand.

  1. Very innovative, Barry….remember when ALL plastic airplane models INCLUDED stands? Now you don’t see ’em hardly at all. 🙁

    • Thanks Craig. Why don’t they? They give you the build options and then charge you extra for a stand. Yep back in the old days they all had stands but then, the quality of the models have improved so……

  2. Interesting ideas for presenting flying models !

  3. Very nice, I like wood…it compliments the model.

  4. I only build wheels-up aircraft because, in my mind, all aircraft look best doing what they were designed to do – FLY! So several years ago I came up with a “standard” stand in two sizes, using acrylic rod and wood. I use a dremel to ream a hole, then epoxy to glue the model to the stand. I then use brass strip cut to size and clear label to make a “name plate” for each model (so I can remember what the heck I built!). You can see some of the stands in my iModeler blog pics. If you’re interested in more pics I’ll upload some in a separate post. Blog here:

  5. I just remembered – I’ve got some more pictures posted in this forum area that show more of what the stands look like:

  6. Neat idea, do you drink a lot of coffee?

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