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December iModeler prize received

January 25, 2016 in Uncategorized

I made real sure to dig a nice clear path through the 24 inches of snow for the mailman for just this occasion. Arriving today was my selected kit for the December awards, Tamiya’s new M4E8 Sherman. Having recently seen “Fury” combined with the excellent boxart (yes, I still fall for that) led me to the pick, and what a beauty of a kit it is. So here is yours truly with his toy (no I do not normally look like a psychotic Bozo, my wife was in a hurry and would not take another one) and once again a big thanks to Martin and the iModeler crew who run the best modeling site bar none, and to all who appreciates my stuff.

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22 responses to December iModeler prize received

  1. Congratulations! that would brighten up a snowy day for sure.
    I dug plenty of snow this weekend too but all the mail man bought me was bills!

  2. Nice prize, Bill….and well deserved. You say the movie Fury led you “the pick”….you mean you get to PICK your prize from an available list?
    And is that a BAR I see hanging from the cupboard door…?… (the other knob also has a string, but it’s too long to SEE what’s on that one).

  3. Uh, yeah I was given a choice….hope this was not a secret.
    Yeah my kid had some “Ultimate Soldier” stuff, I stole the BAR. The “string” holds dog tags from winning a Zombie match. Got a Zombie hunting permit too. 🙂

  4. Great for you Bill. Nice choice. Now are you going to white wash her to play in the snow? Very cool.
    California Steve

    • I do believe I shall do this one dark, a la “Fury”. But I have a big Russian beast coming that will be whitewashed. Are you just jealous you can’t experience the joys of the white slush?

  5. Bill I’m from California. I have to travel to the four thousand foot level to see the snow cone ingredients. So I would imagine there are not a lot of kids with a shaved ice stands in front of their houses in your neighborhood
    Bring on the Fury Bill. I loved this movie.
    California Steve

  6. Excellent choice. Picked up this kit a few weeks ago and it is just as good as the Tasca/Asuka “Easy Eight”. Tamiya is finally including sponsons in their Sherman kits. Was not too thrilled about the rubber band tracks though. Hey, you got yours for free, I think you can afford some aftermarket tracks.

  7. Well done, Bill, you like a cool dude to me!

  8. Congradulations Bill, look forward to seeing it finished.

  9. Nice one Bill, enjoy the build mate.
    We are lucky to get two mm of snow LOL.

  10. looking forward to the completed project! Congratulations.

  11. Bill, congratulations on your prize. Looking forward to seeing it.

  12. Congrats Bill. Well done!

  13. Congratulations Bill and happy modelling with this well deserved prize 🙂

  14. Excellent, congratulations 🙂


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