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1/48 Smer Bristol Bulldog

April 10, 2016 in Aviation

As the Beatles said, ” Hey Bulldog”, so do I. This was a fun build. Hope you like folks. Thanks for looking.

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18 responses to 1/48 Smer Bristol Bulldog

  1. You did an awesome job on this one Paul. The Bulldog, Siskin and Hart are my favourite inter war RAF fighters. Well done!!

  2. Looks good, Paul, you obviously enjoyed it. Any more popsongs/aircraft names? I’m first with Mustang Sally!

  3. Very nice, Paul. One of the nicest inter-war machines. There’s a wonderful example at the RAF Museum at Hendon, and your model brings home all the great looking features of the original.

  4. Beautiful work, Paul, I love the look of these aircraft, sort of a “Bar Room Brawler” with wings!

  5. Not my forte, Paul, but a good-looking build nonetheless.

  6. Great build, there were a lot of interesting designs from that period, I shy away from bipes because of the rigging, yours came out terrific.

  7. Excellent build! Love the markings, and the fact that it is an uncommonly subject.

  8. Wonderful model Paul. You’ve captured the ‘look’ perfectly. I can almost imagine ‘Biggles’ climbing aboard.

  9. These were cool airplanes and this is a great model of one. VERY colorful and well done!

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