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Mustang P-51D Old Crow

December 31, 2016 in Aviation

Mustang P-51D Old Crow
Kit: Airfix 1.24
Pilot: Clarence E. “Bud” Anderson

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12 responses to Mustang P-51D Old Crow

  1. Very nicely done, Hans..VERY nicely done. By the way, is that the German translation of “To Fly and Fight” (I’ve read it – and still have it).

  2. Yes, a wonderful book
    Kind regards
    Hans Peter Tschanz

  3. That Uber Airfix kit is better than I thought. Hans you’ve made this kit into a Jewel. My only niggle is that the ground crew has over charged the oleo struts and the a/c sits a bit high. Other than that niggle, you could have passed off this build of yours as being a younger kit. Two thumbs up on making a “Classic” the standard.

  4. Nice build Hans, I haven’t seen very many in that large 1/24th scale but you certainly did a fine job on that Mustang….good photography too.

  5. Great build, nice to see the bubble top Mustang in camouflage.

  6. I agree with Robert. You normally don’t see a bubble top Mustang in OD green. Yours looks very nice too. I really like the last picture. It’s a fitting tribute. Thanks for sharing this with us. Happy New Year.

  7. Great work on the model and with the photographs, it must be difficult to successfully take a picture of a model this size.

  8. Nice work Hans, You’ve handled the challenge of the larger scale very well. Also nice to see an OD mustang once in awhile.

  9. Nice work, Hans. I have a signed (English) edition of “To Fly and Fight”.

  10. Very nice Hans, she really looks good especially in OD.

  11. Great looking Mustang Hans! I love the red/yellow checker nose. I have an Old Crow in my stash to build.

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