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Tamiya & Pro-Modeller 1/48 F-84G Thunderjet(s)

February 7, 2017 in Aviation

2 pics of older build Tamiya F-84Gs & the rest are for the latest -G bird from Pro-Modeller as promised. – Straight from the box with very flaky, original Korean War decals from Pro-Modeller (Revell) cracking & splintering all over the place! It was enough to drive you nuts!
Oh! I had to repaintt the nude on the starboard side under the rear of the cockpit as the original was so heavily pixelated!
I hope you like ’em.

6 additional images. Click to enlarge

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9 responses to Tamiya & Pro-Modeller 1/48 F-84G Thunderjet(s)

  1. Nice! Yes, Monogram decals have often been not so great. I generally replace them, but aftermarket decals for night takeoff/Ruth on 1/48 while made once, are not readily available. Well done man!

  2. Gary, looks like a nice build. Maybe neutral background next time to show it off a little better in photos?

  3. Nice job, Gary…I like ’em.

  4. Nice pair of Thunderjets. Now, about that wall paper in the background…

  5. I really like the Revell Thunderjets, and you have done some nice work here.

  6. Nicely done. I have the Pro-modeller in my to be completed pile/mountain and I agree about the decals; colors were off, the noseart heavily pixelated. I even asked for and was sent a replacement sheet that was only slightly better

    • I used the kit decals for the star & bars – also the black USAF titles on the wings – be very careeful here as they tend to shatter as you try & slide them from the backing paper!
      Guess how I found that out!

      Cheers mate!

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