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A Diorama entitled ‘Pause beendet, zurück zur Arbeit!’ (Break finished, back to work)

December 31, 2017 in Aviation

This is by far my most ambitious project so far. The diorama was born from the Revell 1/32 scale kit of the FW 190 F-8 and the superb range of Eduard resin and PE that was available for it. Having built the kit with the resin engine, cockpit, machine gun mount and undercarriage I really felt it needed a stage to show it off. I had also opened the radio bay and attempted my first interior detail of a scratch built radio.
At the time Verlinden were still trading and their bomb trolley, oiler cart and power cart were added to the mix. Looking for figures, I found the M&B set of tankers playing cards, from that came the idea of having these guys being caught skiving by their line boss and a pilot looking on. The Italeri Kubelwagon was needed to get the boss there.
So, that’s the basic story, I hope you like it. It has taken some 18 months to complete but I have built other models in that time. I’d hate to think of the number of hours it has taken though!

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26 responses to A Diorama entitled ‘Pause beendet, zurück zur Arbeit!’ (Break finished, back to work)

  1. Looks great !!! The “Bruno” dog house is a very nice touch……………….

  2. The look on the face of the boss is priceless. I think this is exceptional Derek! I’ve been through the photos a few times and each element is really well done. The ‘concept’ and the way the individual parts come together is brilliant! It adds up to a stellar diorama – fantastic!

  3. Your efforts and talents definitely shines through on this project, Derek….it looks great!

  4. Truly outstanding, Derek !

  5. It’s a wonderful set up, Derek. I love the little touches like the realistic weathering of the wooden boards under the 190. Really clever! I’m guessing it’s all 1/48 but is detailed enough to be a bigger scale although I suspect all the supporting elements aren’t available bigger than that. Fantastic!

  6. Lots of lovely detail to look at, busy and well thought out.

  7. Exceptional work Derek, well thought out and executed. Now if you can only find Bruno and place him in his home.

  8. Take it from a fellow who has completed many ambitious projects and who knows the amount of work and hours put into each one, your completed project is both outstanding and inspirational. I not only like your use of space and placement, but also that each piece has been shadowed, highlighted, and weathered right down to the small hand tools. Luckily, you were able to purchase the bomb trolley, oiler cart, and power cart while Verlinden was still in business. Now that Verlinden is defunct, these once affordable items are now fetching some premium prices. I figure if you took a B&W photo of your diorama, one would not be able to tell it from an actual wartime photograph.

  9. So much detail in this great diorama!

  10. WOW, this is so good, nice job.

  11. Hello Derek,
    My compliments. I did view it for several times, but each time I find new details. As mentioned above, good use of available space..
    Highest Regards, Dirk / The Netherlands.

  12. Excellent! I too noticed the dog crate right off the bat – such a nice thoughtful touch. Overall the execution is just awesome! Great effort on display.

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