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History gets saved at the last minute

Was up at the LHS this afternoon reading "airplane porn mags" and found out that last year the second-oldest C-119 "flying boxcar" was up for sale as aluminum scrap, when the AF Museum discovered it was the second-oldest C-119 left in existence,[...]


Probably the fewest completions in a long time, but then there were the major completions of "Pacific Thunder" and the upcoming "Tidal Wave," as well as another project not to be spoken of yet, so I had good excuses. 1/72 Airfix P-51D, 352nd FG [...]

Tamiya P-51B – Don Gentile’s “Shangri-La”

Don Gentile - The Most Controversial Ace When I sat down 30 years ago to write “the definitive fighter pilot screenplay” and chose as my subject the 4th Fighter Group in the Spring of 1944 during “The Great Ace Race,” with Don Gentile and Johnn[...]

Charles M. McCorkindale’s P-51B

Tamiya P-51B to do the P-51B "Betty Jane" flown by Charles M. McCorkindale, CO of the 31st Fighter Group in Italy, around June 1944 at the end of the Battle of Ploesti. McCorkindale joined the USAAC in 1936 and flew P-26s with the 20th Pursuit G[...]

With the overwhelming number of votes in favor of P-51Bs….

OK, so three votes out of five. It's a 60% majority! "Alice-Jo" of the 332nd FG "Red Tails." An ace of the 325th Fg (whose name escapes me at the moment) told me that they were very upset to find out the 322nd was getting their "hand-me-down" [...]

Now for a P-51B

Personally, I like the P-51B better, mostly for its look. This Tamiya P-51B was done with Aeromaster decals and the Falcon Malcolm hood to do Don O'Hara's "Shillelagh" of the 353rd FS, 354th FG. As a wingman and element leader from April 1944 t[...]

“Mrs. Virginia” P-51A

Due to a few air-to-air photos, "Mrs. Virginia" a P-51A of the 1st Air Commando Unit is well-known. The big thing with doing a model is to get the built-up exhaust staining. This is the result of leaning the engine to provide range. If you exa[...]

Kitbashed ICM TF-51D Mustang

The TF-51D was created by North American when the venerable Mutang was being given to smaller air forces whose pilots were thought to not be experienced enough to deal with the high-powered F-51D, North American built two prototypes, and another[...]

Classic Airframes P-51H Mustang

A review from back in 2005: The original Allison-powered Mustang was a lightweight fighter with excellent handling capability. Pilots I know who have had the opportunity to fly these early Mustangs and compare them with the later Merlin-powere[...]

Another Tamiya P-51D

The 353rd Fighter Group hasn't gotten a lot of love from the decal makers. This is Group Commander Glenn Duncan's "Dove of Peace X." Duncan was shot down over Holland in "Dove of Peace IX", a P-47D, in the fall of 1944 and was hidden by the Res[...]