Modeling by Eric aka The Yankymodeler


Spitfire Mk XIV Rhapsody in Blue Rolls Royce’s Spitfire in 1/48

I’ve long admired the glorious turquoise and white scheme that adorned Rolls Royce’s Mk XIV Spitfire in the mid to late 1060’s just before G-ALGT played a supporting role in the epic film the ‘Battle of Britain’. A challenging build […]


Yet more old Monogram builds

To join in on the trip down memory lane here are a few of my old Monogram models, all were completed between 25 and 30 years ago. Eric aka The Yankymodeler


He-219 1/72 From the back of the display case.

Another in my series from the back of the display case. This time a real oldie, built over 33 years ago. Inspired by reading ‘Night Fighter’ by C.F. Rawnsley, my intent was to build a display of 1/72 scale WW […]


Boeing 247 1/72 Williams Brothers

Built basically OOB from the Williams Bothers kit in 1/72. I wanted a different aircraft than the supplied decals so registration markings were pieced together by cutting up the kit decals and the outline of the United States hand painted […]


Another Otaki/Arii F6F-3 Hellcat in 1/48 The secret is out!

Built a few years ago, this was my second model after a decade long break in modeling. Started with the best of intentions to be a straight forward OOB build, the urge to add a few extra details began as […]

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Stars of the 1969 movie “Battle of Britain” seen together for the first time! (1/48 collection)

Seen last fall at a model contest just outside of Baltimore, as the crowds admired the many impressive models attending the event, a group of aging movie stars was seen gathered together on the collections category table. An enterprising paparazzi […]

DSC1224A (800x600)

Arrival of a “Major Award!”

A wonderful surprise on getting home Friday. My understanding wife met me at the door with a big smile, “Your ‘major award’ was delivered!” Not wasting the chance for the season appropriate, ‘A Christmas Story’ reference, I immediately opened the […]


A-10 Warthog 1/48 Monogram

by Eric aka The Yankymodeler on December 15, 2012 in Aviation -- 5 Comments

This is the model that got me back into the hobby after a decade long absence, 1/48 Monogram A-10 with a few tweaks. While being fairly well immobilized by a foot injury, I found two Monogram A-10s in my closet. […]


Horse of a different color Cavalier Mustang 1/48 Tamiya conversion

Build a couple years ago, I was unpacking this from the trip back from the IPMS Nats in Orlando, and thought I’d get a couple pics before putting it back in the display case. I have many happy memories of […]


AU-1 Corsair 1/48 Monogram conversion

Yet another installment of long ago modelling. A Chance Vought AU-1 Corsair built from the Monogram F4U-4 kit over 27 years ago! This model was built to compete in a local contest that had the ‘Korean War’ as a show […]