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1/32 TA-152H1 Pacific Coast Models

January 29, 2013 · in Aviation · · 6 · 2.3K

One more drop to Luftwaffe collection... Kurt Tank's masterpiece redesigned version of Fw-190D. Altough PCM kit is a iron nut I am happy to completed reasonable finish.

Happy modelling


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  1. Outstanding paint job, Ozkan...beautiful work.

  2. Delightful! Love the white photo background, really makes the model stand out.

    • Regarding the white is that accomplished with such stunning results?

      • Obviously you'd need a white cardboard as a background, but it really goes down to how you can adjust exposure metering of your camera. Leaving it on automatic will usually result in visible details of the white paper but the model getting too dark, as the camera program is always attempting to balance all aspects of the image.

        You'd need to turn the exposure up so that the model is exposed correctly and the background washed out (overexposed). This is a commonly used technique in product/catalogue photography.

        Usually there are two ways of altering the exposure setting. One is turning up the exposure compensation dial (this can be done in several steps) and experimenting your way to a good result.

        The other is using spot metering mode in your camera - if available. The latter feature is usually reserved to high-end camera models.

  3. Craig I have Canon G10 camera and a couple of simple desk lamp. I prefer to take all model photos on large plain white paper if model colors contrast it. I checked all photos using Corel Photo Paint program and if it is necessary I correct light balance, saturation, sharpening etc. In another word I spend some time to show my works as even as possible 🙂 But that means not correcting modeling faults, just show as true ...

  4. Beautiful kit and the photography is wonderful!

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