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I am 48 years old Turkish modeler . I am in modelling since 1979 starting with flying models . About 20 years I mixed to plastics and still making every kind of modelling subject but mostly aircrafts. Main modelling area focused to Turkish aviation aircrafts but there is no reason not to built a spacecraft too.

iModeler January award…

Postman knocked the door on saturday morning with huge package 🙂 Thank you to all members who contribute their valued comments and votes. This one is really a good gift for me which is in my list to be order. Anyway kit is very good [...]

Gotha WD-13 Seaplane 1/16 Scratchbuilt…

Hi, I'm back 🙂 I was away for a long time because of this baby nearly for a year. On January (last year) my friend asked about 1/16 scratchbuilt this sea plane for his collection. I tried to explain to him that not much information [...]

Today’s Stuff

Here some photos taken today in 25th Plastic Model Aircraft Contest organised by Turkish Air Force Academy in Istanbul. Happy modelling. Ozkan

Booty Nieuport 27C1 Converting Hobbycraft kit in 1/32

This Greek Army inventory Nieuport 27 captured in airworthy condition at Gaziemir (Paradiso) airfield by the end of Turkish War of Independence in 1922. Named Ganimet-4 (Booty-4) and used for training duties until 1927 in Turkish Air [...]

Tromboner Messerschmit Bf-109G6R2 1/24

Here is recently finished big Gustav as you may know some progress steps on forum ((link)) . As it is went in usual progress it become a nightmare with staled decal set ! I tried to recover using Micro Decal Film but solution not [...]

1/32 TA-152H1 Pacific Coast Models

One more drop to Luftwaffe collection... Kurt Tank's masterpiece redesigned version of Fw-190D. Altough PCM kit is a iron nut I am happy to completed reasonable finish. Happy modelling Ozkan

1/32 F-100D Super Sabre – Trumpeter

Thud was one of the most effective aircraft of Turkish Air Force for 30 years . I built this model to the memory of Capt. Cengiz Topel who shot down in this aircraft and killed after bailed out over Cyprus in 8th August 1964. This [...]

Fancy 109 Hasegawa 1/32

This is 10 years old "fantastic class" stuff inspired Pepe Moreno's comic book "Joe’s Air Force". All artworks masked and painted with airbrush. Rest of decals from spare box. Sorry for quality of photos. I had no [...]

“The One-shot Lighter” Mitsubishi G4M Betty

"The One-shot Lighter" is a one of the name given by Allied pilots for Mitsubishi G4M Betty because of their tendency to explode or catch on fire from any slight damage to the wing fuel tanks after being hit . Model built as [...]

Turkish 40′s Fighters

Here some Turkish fighters were in service during WWII. I was always interested in WWII fighters and when I discovered many famous fighters had in service under star and crescent, I found myself in plastic model world starting late [...]