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1/32 Pacific Coast Models Focke Wulf Ta-152C

This is my 1/32 Pacific Coast Models Fw 190 Ta 152C with the markings of "CI-XM W.Nr.11007" in the spring of 1945. This model is build OOB except for Barracudacast main wheels and Quickboost wing guns. Paints are Gunze acrylics [...]

1/32 Pacific Coast Models Hawker Hurricane Mk.1

This is 1/32 PCM Hawker Hurricane Mk.1 from 43 Sqd during Dunkirk evacuation. I saw the model built by Tony OToole on some model sites and was inspired for this project. Cockpit enhanched by seat and control stick from Grey Matter [...]

Covid No.8 and No.9 ‘46 What Ifs

No. 8. DO(rnier)Re(ggiane)Me(sserschmitt) -2005 Vogelsong. This is the Pacific Coast Models kit. I really have enjoyed there Italian birds. Since the Reggiane Re-2005 had been tested by the Germans toward near the end of the war, I decided [...]

1/48 Aeromacchi C.200

Aircraft from 96 Squadriglia, 9 Gruppo, 4 Stormo CT, Alture di Pola, April 1941. This was a Breda built plane as evidenced by Breda's distinctive style of mottling and the small tail cross. This is the Pacific Coast kit with a Vector [...]

Pacific Coast Models Spitfire MkIX Johnny Johnson’s personal markings

This is the PCM 1/32 Spitfire. Lovely kit, a real gem. Maybe not as great as the Tamiya kit, but much cheaper by comparison. You pays your money and takes your chance, as they say. I made this kit when I was having treatment at Combat [...]

Pacific Coast Models Fw-190A-1/2/3/4

1942 could be called “the year of the Wurger.” While only 224 Fw-190As had been accepted by the Luftwaffe by the end of 1941, 1,878 would be produced at three different factories during 1942, the third being the Fieseler plant at [...]

Pacific Coast Models 1/32 Spitfire Mk IXc

It may not have all the bells and whistles of Tamiya's 1/32 Spitfire IX, but the Pacific Coast Models kit gives you a pretty accurate Mk IX without having to worry about a stratospheric parts count. While in many ways a limited-run kit not [...]

PCM Hawker Hurricane Mk1 (Fabric Wing), No1 Sqn JX-C, France 1939...

This is the PCM 1:32 early Hurricane Mk1 in the markings of Flg/Off Paul Richey of No1 Sqn, France 1939. Finally after 18 months of mucking about with this, she's complete! I just couldn't get into modelling for a good while but got [...]

PCM 1/32 Reggiane Re.2005

The Reggiane series of fighters - the Re.2000, Re.2001, Re.2002 and Re.2005 - were technically among the best Italian fighters designed during the Second World War. All the aircraft designed and produced were obviously based on the [...]

Pierre Clostermann

Spitfire Mk. IX; RAF / Free France A.F. Squadron 602 „City of Glasgow“; 1944 Model Kit is a Pacific Coast model in scale 1:32 The enrollment LOD and the roundels on the wings are injected. The templates of the letters were made of [...]