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Coulda been a contender-Trumpeter’s so close 1/32 P-40B….

September 22, 2013 · in Aviation · · 19 · 1.7K

So almost looks like a P-40B. That beautiful, pointed-nosed Curtiss fighter, the best looking of the line, and bearer of the "Sharkmouth" to perfection. BUT something is wrong here, looked at from the front low, it's best angle, that nose is just-off. Is it too "deep" in profile? Two low on the thrust line? Both? A shame it is, because the rest of the kit is pretty darn good. You get an engine to superdetail if you want, fit is good and I happen to like the rivets some folks detest. So the interior is no good either-too shallow by far, but that was fixed with a Cutting Edge replacement. So here it is, for better or worse.

Still we wait for the ultimate P-40B, while Mustangs, Messerschmitts and Focke-Wulfs keep rolling out. Patience...

Built with the Cutting Edge cockpit set (NLA). Some engine detail was added, and I made the blast tubes to allow removal of the upper engine cover. Painted up as a fighter destroyed on the ground at Pearl Harbor, 12/7/41.

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  1. You seem to have the touch with the airbrush. Your talent overrides the faults of the kit.
    Well done.

  2. Well Bill, that is sort of the deal with Trumpeter kits, they are all a bit "Off" in one respect or another. This P-40 does not seem all that off though, especially when compared to their P-51B. You did what you could with it and it came out great. No shame here.

  3. You're does look kinda "funny" - maybe it's the absence of the shark teeth, I dunno. But yeah...ya dun gud anyhow. Nice touch with that engine detail, too.

  4. looks like a B to me ...great job

  5. Nice job on the P-40. Every kit has it's faults but it still looks like a P-40.
    I guess I will have to get out the one I have and build it the P-40 is one of my favorite aircraft.

  6. Bill, "Warts be Damned" you did a beautiful job building and painting this model. It would be nice if someone would get this AC and the P-51 B model molded hard could it be!

  7. Looks like a P-40B to me...and a bloody nice one! Awesome job you've done!

  8. List of things wrong with the Trumpeter P-40B (from my 2003 review):

    1. cockpit only half as deep as it should be.
    2. raised baggage door.
    3. gear too short.
    4. Uses P-46 horizontal stablizers, not P-40 (too narrow in chord both stabilizer and elevator).

    The good news is this is soon to be superceded next year by one that is right. Can't say more right now, if I did I'd have to get your address and come kill you. It's going to start as a 1/32 kit, then a 1/48.

    • Uses P-36 horizontal stab and elevator. Too bad the edit function only shows up sporadically here.

    • forgot to mention fuselage profile completely off, rudder bears no resemblance to any P-40.

    • Cmon cmon you can tell me...I can keep a secret...a freind of mine cheated on his wife once and...oh never mind. Besides the East coast is SOOOO far away...

    • Well if they or who ever could build a kit along the lines of a Hasegawa kit... while making a decent deep enough cockpit that is accurate and include say the flaps (Monogram of Old) and some decent wheel well detail and engine cooling flaps for the radiators or what have you,add some accurate wheels stir but,not shaken for a price that is under 75.00 dollars U.S. I would bite. Skip the million rivets and through in a would be like taking candy from a baby.

      • Well sounds like a plan. How 'bout it Eduard...whoops Eduards next biggie is a ...drumroll...BF-109G! Wow do we ever need that! Hold me back!
        I tried to join the American sarcasm society last week...AS IF they would have ME as a member...

  9. Regardless of the imperfections and the fatal flaws Bill, the model turned out rather well. The paint is simple and direct and is representative of the P-40 and your time and efforts have not been wasted on this modeler.

    Two thumbs up.

  10. Bill,
    I love P-40's, right wrong or indifferent. If John Wayne can use paper and wood P-40's in "Flying Tigers" I guess I can like this one as you have done one H... eck of a job on this. Your craftsmanship is excellent

  11. I like it, Bill, and if it was 1/48, I'd want it on MY shelf ! A nice, clean build.

  12. Bill, I think this really shows off your craftmanship, it's definitely beautifully finished.

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