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My 1/48 Airfix Spitfire FR XIX which I won here on imodeler. :)

Thank you Imodeler for this kit. I loved building it, and though some may say this colour scheme is a bit boring, I love it.
Its a shame you can’t see all the cameras etc in the fuselage. I could have opened the camera doors, but didn’t want to spoil the sleek lines.
Hope you like, thanks for looking. Number 1 for me, for 2015.

12 additional images. Click to enlarge.

28 responses to My 1/48 Airfix Spitfire FR XIX which I won here on imodeler. :)

  1. My oh My!… Did the that turn out really nice. Great modeling Paul.
    California Steve

  2. Nice to see a win turn into another win! Well done.

  3. She looks awesome. Well done!!!

  4. Great Spit Paul, love how the colours are subtle and not too stark. What colours did you use for it? Have been thinking of getting this Airfix kit as it looks great. Good job!

  5. Lovely work there Paul thanks for showing,I’ve seen a couple of these at shows and it really is a nice kit ,highly recomended.

  6. Great looking model. By keeping it simple you’ve emphasised the clean lines.

  7. Lovely model, simple lines and colour scheme, very effective. Might inspire me to do one of my own! A good start to the modelling year, well done!

  8. A Spitfire is a Spitfire whichever the mark or paint scheme.
    Looks great Paul.

  9. “this colour scheme is a bit boring” I disagree, the build looks smart and sharp. What could be done to make it more convincing and interesting is to put a little dirt and dust on the tires or perhaps a wash. Add a little staining behind the exhausts …give it that lived in look. I’m sure the last PR Spits were kept pretty clean but, you certainly could show the a/c after having done a mission while taxiing up to the hanger.

    • Thanks. Can you not see the staining. I’ve done everything you mentioned.

      • Well the photos are a tad faint from where I sit. I still would have painted the wheel hub with a wash of burn’t umber and black to create the illusion of depth and a little dirt. Plus, later Mk. Spits had access to higher octane fuel so a gray with brown dusting would have done it for me. A tad more … Also, the tire arrangement …I like to spray on a flat black and then cut a round mask for covering the wheel hub and side walls followed by a light coating of gray paint. The outer edges of the mask are raised just a tad to soften the edge and leave a darker surface for the side walls. Of course tires are a subjective thing…I try to give the impression of a a/c resting on the gear with some weight. The hardest part of modeling at times is taking the photo’s and what the camera sees and the human eye sees are two different things. Sometimes, I think I model more for the camera than the human eye. The Mk I eye ball can see more subtle shades,hues and variations while not being confined by a single focal plain too. On whole you’ve done a splendid job of it and the model does a great job of looking like one of last operational Spitfire the Brits flew.

  10. Yes, that is indeed a nice kit and you’ve done a great job on it with a wonderful result.

  11. It seems the prize was in good hands, your Spitfire is a very nice one
    Congratulations !
    The color scheme brings the graceful lines of this aircraft out, just beautiful.

  12. It’s always nice to see a prize completed and posted here, especially when it’s as good as this one. You’ve really shown off the classic lines of the Spitfire with this simple but effective colour scheme.

  13. Great work Paul. Nice result. I’m grateful to have all these new Spitfire/Seafire kits from Airfix – you can never have too many Spitfire/Seafires

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