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Trumpeter P-40B Curtis Tomahwak

January 23, 2015 · in Aviation · · 43 · 2.1K

Hi all,

This model was buit long time ago,. The 1/32 from is quite cheap so the details and accurracy are not up to today standard. No aftermarket was used, OOB with lots of extra details especially the engine and cockpit. paint was used, most of the insignal was painted using homemade masks as the kit decal really bad. Thank you for watching.

PS: Again, I made another terrible mistake with this model 😀 can you detect it ? Hint: there is no hint as this mistake is so ovisious.

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  1. Outstanding workmanship, sir...beautiful job all around! Wish I was talented enough to paint my markings instead of using the decal(s). Never have tried it. Sure looks a lot better, though. Nice job!

  2. 2 mistakes that jump out.

    1. Wrong Pitot Tube for British a/c. Even for US it's turned side ways.

    2. Both ailerons are in DOWN position. One should be UP.


  3. The black should be down the centerline of the aircraft.

  4. I love what you have done with the engine! As with mistakes. Nobody is perfect. We can only strive towards zero defects. The pitot and flaps issue does not subtract from the WOW factor of your model. Good research prior to building would eliminate such nagging issues. Overall, well done Nguyen!

  5. Hi Nguyen, i am really impressed, beside the easy to correct flaws (as Morne said, nobody is perfect) by far the best Trumpy Tomahawk i have seen.
    Beautiful work on the engine and a well done weathering, revealing your outstanding skills.
    Sold my copy some time ago, now i regret this but i don t think mine would be look so good

  6. Great work again Nyugen, apart from one rivet to many on the wing, we are all human mate.
    Nice work and some lovely detail around the engine.
    Well done mate.

  7. Rather not get into 'looking for mistakes' personally as it's a slippery slope from there to troll-like comments. I built this kit a few years ago - I think may be my first 1/32 - and I think your looks better than my effort.

  8. Looks great. Why pick faults? Not my thing. Constructive comments is always great though.

    • Why? Because he asked us to.
      "Again, I made another terrible mistake with this model 😀 can you detect it ? "

      That's why.

      He did a great job on a kit that;s NOT worthy of his talents!


  9. Looks really good - nice weathering and paint, and beautiful work on that engine. I agree with Bernd - by far the best Trumpeter P-40 I have seen built up. Excellent work!

  10. Well done. Maybe a roundel-decal issue bottom wings...?.

    • So is this the "obvious mistake"...? Two different national insignia on the underside of the wings? Or was this purposely done due to the stark difference in the [camouflage?] paint. C'mon...tell us.

      • Has anyone mentioned the cowl with machine guns and spinner is missing? Duh!
        I know NOTHING about 32nd kit, but if it was 48th scale, removing the spinner and lower radiator cowl is a GREAT way to hide the outline error made by Tuba, aka Trumpeter.
        I don't know Nguyen, other than he's a GREAT modeler; but, does he Play this Find Mistakes, regularly?


        • Don't know if it's gonna be a "regular" thing (he's fairly new to the site), but he has mentioned this aspect before. Personally, I don't understand the 'mistake' thing...he appears to be a top-notch builder from what I've seen so far.

          • If I played that game, it'd have to be in reverse. "Find what I did RIGHT".

      • The mistakes are as Bo had pointed out from the ealier post and I'm happy when he did it.

    • the markings are right

    • markings correct

  11. Another great build and paintjob Nguyen!
    I love all those subtle subtle nuances.
    There is a gap between the firewall behind the engine and the rest of the fuselage. That's not just terrible, it's that highly offensive;-)
    Not just that. The skin of the fuselage looks too thick to me.
    Also I'm not sure about the colour of the pilots seat and the belts.
    That's not as offensive as the gap, but it's bad enough;-)

    I like this game of "terrible mistakes" you play with us. It encourages me to look more closely at the pictures, and thus maybe to learn something.
    I might even copy it and use it myself.
    Keep it up Nguyen!

  12. Dear Huy Hoang,
    I'm not an expert at all but I notice that the roundels on the lower sides of the wings are different.

    If this is not a good kit than you must be a great modeller.

    PS: Nguyen is the family name, right?

  13. That looks very nice Nguyen

  14. Website moderator.

    Please REMOVE all my post to this thread. I obviously POed some here that did NOT read Nguyen instructions.



  15. beautiful p-40

  16. Very nice P-40 Nguyen.

  17. Awesome model, and yes, the ailerons were easy to spot. Well, they must have been damaged in battle 😉 (that's how I'd excuse my mistakes). Anyway, the model is perfect, weathering and painted markings, let alone the engine - I hope I'll get to this level of modelling some day. Great job.

  18. Great work, and never mind the critics. You have more talent than all of them put together. If we picked on their work they'd go home crying.

  19. Dear guys,

    Sorry for the late reply as I got away with works. Yes, I'm the one to ask for comments regarding to my mistake as I'm love to read those constructive feedback to remind me that aside from all of the kind words, I will need to do a better job for next time.

    When Mr Bo Robert pointed out my two terrible mistake, the first thing comes to me that "Gosh, this guy so fast 😀 " . Please don't blame him as I'm the one to ask for somebody to look for my mistake.

    Bottom line is that I'm really apprrecicate your guys, who spending your time sending me comments, compliments and constructive feedback - somethings that money can't buy. So for my next post, please joint the "point out mistake" game with me as I'm enjoyed it.

    My English is somewhat limit so I'm unable to put into words everything in my head so please appologize for any inapropriate words.

    Nguyen Huy Hoang

    • "Constructive Criticism" is one thing...bashing an otherwise nicely done model is just rude. ALL builds have flaws if one digs deep enough. There are tactful ways of pointing out 'discrepancies'.

      There are also tactful ways of addressing one's personality quirks without being downright nasty as well.

      You just keep posting your work, Nuygen...WE will decide if a "mistake" is worthy of mention.

    • we understood your English perfect sir...and it all was fun

  20. Nguyen:
    Doesn't it mean that your family is from the North?
    Your english is better than my vietnamese. "Dung lai" isn't a great conversation starter, is it?
    Great job on the Tomahawk. I've got my problems with 1/48th, believe me.

  21. There are always one or two people on every forum who just HAVE to be offended by something. For crying out loud, the guy ASKED if the mistake could be found!

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