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1/24 Scale TA 152 H

This is a converted 1/24 Scale Trumpeter FW 190 D9 to a 1/24 Scale TA 152 H.

Man this was a lot of work, and sleepless nights.

I first obtained scale drawings of the TA 152 in 1/32 Scale and scaled them up to 1/24 Scale, I matched the fuselage to the drawings and started cutting, I had to shorten the fuselage, lengthen the nose, scratch build the broad chord rudder, scratch build the engine covers with the supercharger on the correct side. Scratch build the fuel tank under the seat and open the panel, open the panel on the side of the fuselage, add all the plumbing. Lots of re scribing panel lines and sand papering, LOTS.

I then made a mould and cast the wings in resin, scratch built wheel wells and flaps, scratch built undercarriage wheel covers, I cant begin to tell you how much work this was.

I also scratch built the radiators ( from a pool pipe supplied by my pal Tappie ) and modified the engine and moved the supercharger, as well as add all the plumbing, also scratch built the wing cannon and ammo feed. Phew…and lots more that I can’t even remember.

I was lucky enough to win first place at the IPMS Nationals here in South Africa about 8 Years ago with this build.
I have had people offer to purchase this kit from me, but I keep it as a reminder that you can achieve anything if you put your mind to it.

I am sitting in the Congo at this moment on business and should be getting home next week to continue with this amazing hobby.

This one is for you Rob as promised.

Please feel free to criticize,


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26 responses to 1/24 Scale TA 152 H

  1. Lovely work Marc, I can see why she picked an award up.
    Well done mate.

  2. That looks like an amazing amount of work, must be a hefty wingspan in 1/24. Really impressive Marc.

  3. The “sleepless nights” really paid off, Marc…that came out wonderfully!

  4. Hey Craig, there were a lot of sleepless nights, I did not have to count sheep when I went to sleep. Thanks for the comment.

  5. Beautiful work, Marc. A distinctive type and presented with real creativity.

  6. Great work Marc! Nothing there to criticize!

  7. You said “feel free to criticize,” so I looked and I looked and I looked, and then I looked some more. And I found one thing: on the wing-root cannon compartment, the cover hinges from the top of the fairing, not at the junction of wing and fairing. If you look at how difficult it would be to service the weapon as you have it configured here versus fully raised to the side, you will see the logic of that. This isn’t said to criticize, but to inform anyone else who is going to open up a Focke-Wulf. It’s a very obscure point, and one I learned “the hard way” on the Fw-190A-7 I opened up.

    So, past the one little educational point (not criticism), this is just a stupendous project that must astound anyone who sees it for the first time in person. That you could cast a wing that big in resin and get it right without warping is a real testament to your talent and skill. it’s extremely impressive and would certainly have had my vote at those nationals.

  8. Wow, Marc, this is taking our hobby to its limit, virtually scratch building a complete model, not much of the original Trumpeter kit left is there? If it’s not tempting fate, what did you do (or maybe plan to do) with the leftover bits from the original kit?

  9. Hi George, I plan to make another FW 190 from the leftover bits, Ha Ha, thanks for the comment. Cheers.

  10. maybe we can see this month’s winner here? anyways, it’s a kind of a masterpiece, congratulations! Ta-152 is one of the german aircrafts i’m sure i’ll build once.

  11. Beautiful detail work!

  12. Thanks Mike, glad you like it

  13. Uitstekend my vriend!!!

  14. Dankie my maater.

  15. What a wonderful build! You’re a truly resourceful modeller. Congratulations.

  16. What a wonderful build! You’re a truly resourceful modeller. Congratulations.

  17. Thank you very much Tony.

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