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Just an old 1/72 Matchbox P-51D

Simply put, I had the model and the decals laying around, and was looking for fast time killer. The result matched the time spent.

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17 responses to Just an old 1/72 Matchbox P-51D

  1. Nice job on those checkered decals, Joe…I’m guessin’ they weren’t easy.

  2. Thanks, Craig. It was an OLD decal sheet. The hard part was figuring out what went where. It turned out ok, that is to say, I’ve done worse. Quick and fun !

  3. Nice build old Matchbox.
    Decals ? Microscale.?
    Im like a 15 fg aircraft from Italy They have repeatedly attacked the occupiers and their helpers in my home country Slovenia (Yugoslavia).
    provided support to liberation army of Tito Partisans.

  4. Nice work Joe, sharp as ever mate.
    Well done sir.

  5. The fun is the most important part, Joe. Looks good!

  6. Great build of a golden oldie !

  7. Another of your of your consistently good builds Joe.

  8. Good build and subject! Sometime you really need a simple kit 🙂

  9. Looking really nice, old scool modelling is fun 🙂

  10. Got to love those checkerboard schemes…….nice work Joe.

  11. nice work as always joe, love those checkerboards!

  12. Another very neat job, Joe, a classic kit given the right treatment.

  13. Can’t go wrong with Mustangs or checkerboard patterns! Attractive end result Joe.

  14. 🙂 … Greetings … 🙂 :
    It can be old, as per your words, I consider it a classic. You Joe have done a very nice job on this build even as one considers the scale.

  15. Thank you all. Nice hearing from you (it’s been a while) All I can say is, an oldie built by an oldie ! We’re both showing our age !

  16. I’m partial today the mustang very nice quick build

  17. To not today phone issues sorry

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