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Hobbyboss 1/48th A-6A Intruder

December 13, 2015 · in Aviation · · 29 · 6K

Amongst my favourite modelling themes is US Navy aviation during its grey and white period and those colourful squadron markings. So I'd like to start my US Navy theme with the Grumman A-6A .

I had long looked at Hobbyboss's 48th scale A-6A Intruder, but stalled at its £49.99 price tag. I had previously built Revell's version (pics included) and wondered if the huge price difference was worth it.

My dilemma was ended when I saw Amazon offering the Hobbyboss version for £32.95 post free and my resistance ended.

Having built it I have to say that yes it would have been worth the price difference. I got lucky but the difference between the two is considerable. I would upon reflection paid full price if necessary quite happily.

The Revell kit is good, but the Hobbyboss one is on an entirely different level.

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  1. I like but in pre flight position,It looks better than the folded wing and open radar.
    Great build .

  2. Great build of a great aircraft!

  3. Nice looking Tadpole. I am going with the A-6E TRAM and am wondering how you found this kit for building.

    • I found this kit fairly straight forward to build. Given the various folded items, the fit was very good. It very delicate though and handling has to be most delicate. With the nose weight, it a hefty beast.

  4. A most impressive build, Mark...attention to detail is outstanding. I assume this was assembled entirely out-of-the-box? One of the Revell's "shortcomings" is the absence of the wing-fold option - this one DOES look better.

    • I've been thinking about that Trumpeter 32nd scale Intruder, but it's a bit pricey (for me, anyhow) and I'd almost certainly have to hang it from the ceiling given the size of that thing. Of course, that would save me the cost of all those after-market goodies that one couldn't see up there anyhow... lol

    • Craig this was an out of the box build, as most of my kits are. I do use after market items, but mainly it out of the box for me. I found this one not really need any extras, as it so well detailed in itself. Well for me anyway.

  5. Mark, I had the same issue, 'til the local hobby shop reduced the price, whereupon I pounced.
    I had the Revell, and when I looked at this one, I was stunned. All those options and detail! Other than aftermarket decals, I don't see any aftermarket being needed, another argument for paying full price if you're wavering.
    Nice job on both. Kit decals on the -A?

  6. Great build of a classic Grumman jet!

  7. Great job Mark!
    I love all those gadgets and gizmos in the wing joints.

  8. Mark,
    Lovely build, I have one of these in the stash (also from Amazon!), so its nice to see one built. I am aiming to do with slats and flaps down pre take off, with canopy open and crew installed, so this is really good inspiration for me. Good effort, keep on with the good work!

  9. Brilliant! One of my favorite jets. Tough job getting the folding front nacelle and wings to work I'll bet. Cheers

  10. 🙂 ... Greetings ... 🙂 :
    Impressive looking A-6 Mark, nice work on the detailing, especially on the wings.

    • greetings to and thank you.

      I find impressive aircraft always make for an impressive model if the manufacturer makes a good model. Hobbyboss did a very good job with this one.

  11. Fantastic build, love the A-6

  12. Mark, one of the best versions of this aircraft I've seen. I normally don't care for the folded wing builds, but in this case it really enhances it, gives it a very busy look, that makes for an interesting and attractive model. Very well done !

  13. Impressive build of an impressive A/C. I only served aboard with them for a few years and most were overall grey E models, but they were amazing "beasts"

  14. Mark. Very nice, I normally don't car for the folded wing look, but what you've done here is excellent, it gives a very busy look that make this model quit interesting to look at.

  15. Great looking Intruder. As others have said, the detail looks marvelously accentuated, and as I said in your later Phantom post, I'd love to be able to see it better - more light or some graphic tough-up. I haven't built any Hobby Boss kits and only have 1 in my entire stash (and it's a pretty simple Mig-15), but I've been eager to try one out. Looks like I may be in for a treat.

  16. Amazing model Mark, fantastic detail. The other one is pretty impressive as well.

  17. thanks all, glad that a good model of a fine aeroplane is appreciated. I like her and will son post more US navy themed stuff hopefully. Also great to see other A-6 posts and hopefully more US Navy aircraft.

  18. Great build in the old color scheme.
    Lots of extra work, but it is appreciated.

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